Crisis Diverted?

Oy! I woke up with such a headache this morning, and no I hadn’t been drinking the night before. I think I was just upset that the cruise was falling apart. However I think I got it under control and we’ve worked out a way for Keith to come. Yeah!

If you’ve never been on a cruise, they are lots of fun. They tend to be more fun the more people you go with, as long as it’s not a huge group and it’s not some family reunion thing. Some people might like that, I myself don’t want to go on vacation with my entire family, or even half of my family. Now if you are just two people going, a cruise can be very romanticle too, but I don’t exactly think of Carnival as my idea of a romantic honeymoon cruise (even though some people do go on them for theirs). I prefer to have fun on vacation, which is why having Keith there makes it better 🙂 You see my boyfriend tends to have a habit of drinking way too much free champagne at the art auctions on the ship (You show up, you get free booze, it’s the only time on the cruise. They know you’ll spend more when you are drunk!). Then by 9pm that night after dinner he’s ready to go to bed. He’s usually the same way on the days we have some high activity level shore excursion. Me, I’m like the party has just started, I’m not going to bed. That’s why having Keith is fun, we can walk around and drink and go to the disco and stuff while my BF snoozes. I should point out on the last cruise he did come out with us a few times, I don’t want to make him seem like an old foggie :).

Alas, Amber probably (okay isn’t) coming with us. This means I’ll have to find a new dance partner, or I’ll dance alone. I don’t dance alone unless I’ve had too much to drink and absolutely have to work off the booze. Keith doesn’t dance. My BF does, but a Carnival cruise ship is NOT the place for us to be dancing together at all. While anyone can look at us and the way we interact and figure it out, it’s a whole different story when they have to see what they know confirmed. Frankly I don’t want to make the national news as a murder aboard or the latest person to mysteriously fall off of a cruise ship.

Also someone asked if my BF doesn’t go dancing with me. Yes, sometimes. During the off months (Jan-Feb) when the business is closed he does, and during the slow months (March and December) he sometimes goes out. I still prefer to dance with my girls though.

I had some more totally different topics I was going to add onto this, but this post went on longer than I thought it would. I’ll save them for later or tomorrow. One thing I’m excited about is the new blog design that is coming soon. I’ve seen mock-ups of what it’s going to look like, it’s sweet! Oh my God I just said “sweet.”



5 Responses to “Crisis Diverted?”

emily Says:

And the girls prefer dancing with you than their straight boyfriends too, I’m sure. 😉


lovechild Says:

I think it is so insanely screwed up that you guys have to worry what people see or think, or what their reactions would be. I am not judging you or saying “that is rediculose to think that!” I am saying that society as a whole is so backwards that you can’t just go out and be you and be happy. I will never begin to understand why people base their negative judgements on who others love. Honestly it is just one of those things that my brain won’t accept. Don’t let people tear you down.


Dustin Says:

It does suck to have to think about that and be worried about it, but it’s a sad fact. I’m sure others like mixed race couples face similar issues even today depending on where they live or what area they may be traveling in.


Aravis Says:

Too bad about Amber but I’m sure you’ll meet people to dance with, knowing you. *G* And that’s great news about Keith!


Becky Says:

I’m happy to hear that Keith will be able to make the cruise! It really sucks that you have to censor who you are when you’re on vacation, and that you have to consider your safety because of that. On a lighter note, I would stay home if most of my family were to go on vacation with me:)