The day started out so great. I started my diet, I went to the gym, I was about to start school work. Then it all hit the fan. Keith, due to personal issues, may not be able to come on the cruise with us after all :(. This sucks, I really like Keith and we had so much fun on the last cruise. My BF and I are still booking the same cruise, with the hope that Keith will be able to book at a later date and join us. We’ll see. I emailed two other friends who long ago expressed interest in perhaps joining us to see if they want to go.


PS I heard Paris Hilton’s song on the radio today. When it started playing all sorts of static messed it up, so I changed the station. Later the station once again sounded fine. I think the DJs did it on purpose!


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Dustin Says:

I banned that guy lol, which I think was spam actually.