No Wire Hangers Ever!

This post has nothing to do with Joan Crawford, it’s just been one of those days I want to scream. Actually it’s been one of those weeks.

After initially selecting the 18th for a cruise date, it was then moved to the 26th because the boyfriend’s sister decided if she was going on vacation it would be that week. Long story why it had to be that week, involves children and such. Well they both could go away at the same time because their mom would be left alone for too long. So the cruise was moved to the 26th. By the way through all this the travel agent continually has to find us new rooms on each ship when I am changing the dates on him. Oh no, now there is a conference on the 16th that the sister has to go to, so she can’t go that week so we should go away that week. Fed up, I booked the 18th and said nobody is allowed to change their mind again, if they do “It’s Called Too Bad!”

“It’s Called Too Bad” is a saying my lesbian gym teacher in high school used to say. As she said it she raised her hands up in that “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” pose. Every now and then I remember her and her saying and get in the habit of saying it. It’s like my own version of “talk to the hand.” Feel free to use it in your daily life, perhaps it will bring you some enjoyment 🙂

I will leave you with some very important advice tonight. Stay away from low-carb sugar free ketchup. It’s NOT a good thing. Of course if you enjoy tomato juice or V8, then you may like it.



2 Responses to “No Wire Hangers Ever!”

Musicguy Says:

OMG- I already use that with my students. and it does bring me enjoyment. Thank God for summers!


Aravis Says:

I think I’ll take up that saying, and stay away from that gut-wrenching slop that’s trying to pass as ketchup…