Inspirational Dreams?

It was another of THOSE nights last night. Of the weird dreams I have, here are quick snipits of the ones I do recall.

First up, my mother was selling our old house on Helm Court in Burke Va. The problems with this scenario? In it my brother and I were the ages we are now, not in junior high/high school as we should have been. The second issue is we rented, we didn’t own the house.

In the dream my mom had to sell the house on the sly, she couldn’t let the neighborhood know. Why I don’t know. Well my brother and I discovered one of the neighbors was taking photos. It turned out to be our good friend Seo, who didn’t want us to move. I remember breaking down in tears crying that “I didn’t want to go!” Then I share a group hug and cry with my friends in the neighborhood. Odd because this never happened and I couldn’t wait to move and get the hell out of the school district I had been stuck in since 3rd grade.

Dream number two, I’m not sure where I was. I think I was with the BF on a cruise excursion perhaps. It was definitely wildernessy and in the middle of nowhere. I remember we were about to leave, but I really had to go to the bathroom and didn’t want to hold it till we got back to civilization basically. There was a dirty little restroom, I decided to use it. I walked in and freaked, I had no shoes on! I quickly walked back out, I had a perpetual cut on the bottom of my big toe. (In reality the cut is on my little toe, and it’s not a cut but rather cracked skin on the joint underside). Well some kid looks up at me and asks about the cut, is it one of those things that never seems to get better? I said um yeah why. He then told me it was something, used an M word to describe it. I can’t remember the word, but I know it was incorrectly used. Something like myopic or meiosis, but I knew for some reason he meant genetically inherited from the mother’s side. He then said he it was a serious disorder most people don’t have treated, and he didn’t know how to tell me this, but I would bleed to death in about an hour from it. Freaked, we head to the nearest Podunk hospital. I remember sitting there waiting my turn, the one and only doctor was delivering a baby in front of me, because the hospital only had one room. Ew!



5 Responses to “Inspirational Dreams?”

KipEsquire Says:

I wish I had weird dreams like that. All I ever get are the “late for my flight and I’m at wrong end of the airport” type not-quite-nightmares. Boring.


Michelle Says:

your dreams are very strange! What were you watching before bedtime?


Dustin Says:

Match game lol? I have always had bizzare dreams


Ricky Says:

I to have really weird dreams….OFTEN. What do you eat before bed?


Dustin Says:

I think a knockworst lol