Common Sense?

America is a great country because everyone is allowed to believe what they want and entitled to speak it. However, people might do well to use a little common sense when they say things in certain situations or in certain company.

Cases in point, awhile back there was a rumor started that “Days of Our Lives” was going to make Will gay. Given he’s a teen character played by a teen actor it was highly unlikely. It still went around, and some people got their panties in a wad over it. One woman sent me this scathing email about how this disgusted her, how it was morally wrong and she was sick of seeing gays on TV and would turn Days of if it becomes “Gays of Our Lives.” More recently rumors went around that the new character on the show EJ Wells would be gay. Again, I got remarks like “I don’t want to have to see gay people on Days, I won’t watch if they do this.” One person told me it was “sick.”

Um, first of all you do realizing you are bitching about your disgust to a 30 year old man who has ran soap opera websites for the better part of eleven years now right? I don’t mean to be nasty, but try thinking before you speak, use a little common sense! Second, I find it totally laughable that people will sit through kidnappings, rape, murder, serial killers, the murder of a 90 year old woman, incest, teen sex, abortions, baby switches, buried alive scenarios and so forth, but the thing that breaks it for them is the addition to a gay person to the cast of the soap. You may think being gay is morally wrong, but you sure as hell tolerated a lot of other morally wrong story lines for “entertainment purposes.” You best check exactly how moral you really are. If you ware watching soaps for the morality of the stories then you are watching the wrong type of programs!



6 Responses to “Common Sense?”

KipEsquire Says:

Are Luke & Laura still an item?


Dustin Says:

I don’t watch GH, but I think maybe?


S,A,M. Says:

Some people just piss me off with their small-minded attitude towards other people.

Luke and Laura aren’t together, Laura is in a mental institution and Luke is married to Tracy Quartermaine. Long story LOL


Ricky Says:



tami Says:

Intolerance in ANY form is just totally unacceptable!!!! Kudos to you for this one cookie … some people are just flaming morons!!!!


J Says:

People are so ignorant…it makes me ill : (