I Am Cooking Real Food!

I’ve been doing real good with the Suzanne Somersize diet this week. I may have cheated only a bit with a drink, but not too badly. I’m hoping by next week I’ll see some significant weight loss. The one thing that has surprised me is that some of her recipes are really good, and not too difficult to make. They can be a bit time consuming, but if you make enough you can stick whats left in the fridge and eat it the next day. They serve a few people, and I’m cooking for one 🙂 Everything I have made so far has been edible, though I’ll admit some learning mistakes have been made along the way. Now I know for next time, and the food will just be that much better.

So far this week I have made cheeseburger pizza pie, chicken Kiev, fried mozzarella sticks and broiled tomatoes. All of which are carb and sugar free!

Here is one of her tips that really works, and I didn’t think it would. If you want to fry something with that crispy bread crumb/flour taste, dunk whatever (I did the chicken and mozzarella) in a beat egg and then cover with grated parmesan cheese (the dried kind from a can or your local supermarket deli area). Fry in olive oil, then bake if necessary (the chicken). It REALLY works and tastes amazing!



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tami Says:

I am gonna order the book from amazon today if its working for you. I have a really killer recipe for a vegetable soup that is very low cal-low carb and tastes amazing too! Another good diet tip I got from a nutritionist … the spicier you can stand it, the better. Spicy foods increase your metabolism.