Torturing A Whole New Blog Audience :)

I posted this on one of my old blogs. However a lot of people who read the wizardworks blog never got to suffer enough 🙂

Pay attention to the boobage, she likes herself a whole lot.



7 Responses to “Torturing A Whole New Blog Audience :)”

Aravis Says:

Are you kidding? I’m still scarred from the first time you shared this! *G*


Cyrus Says:

They’re baaaaack!!!


*HelloKitty* Says:

What the hell was that???


Becky Says:

Thanks for sharing Dustin!! Once again I have horrible images stuck in my head! First Paris, now this…. 🙂


Dustin Says:

Hey, they were actually playing this on the in cabin music video channel on my last cruise!


*HelloKitty* Says:

And I bet you were all dancing around with this song!! Huh? Did you put a wig on and dance in your underware?????LOL!!


tami Says:

ok … I think that is the gayest video I’ve ever seen!!! LOL what’s next … the village people? xoxo