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I Made It Home

I drove home today after all. They gave me a Toyota Matrix at the car rental place. This happened to be one of the cars I was considering purchasing when the time came. I’ll be taking it off my list after today. I felt the seats were not comfortable at all and I had serious issues accelerating on the highway with it.

Short post tonight. My internet went away for most of the night tonight. It just came back, probably long enough for me to make this post. Hopefully not, if I wake up tomorrow and it’s out again I won’t be happy.


I Can Drive . . . . Maybe

Ahhhhhhh! I am in a quandary. I need to get back home, even telling my BF I was going to aim for tomorrow. But I have to get a rental car and to do that during the week means getting up REALLY early to get one. Then I get to fight the insane Washington Metro area rush hour traffic. Personally I’d rather wait till Saturday, I can pick it up around 11am and take my time getting home. Of course Saturday is aways away. Choices choices.

I can’t wait to get home though and finally start decorating the house. All my friends keep talking about decorating theirs, I’m jealous. I want to put out my big ass nativity and some of the stuff I got from my Grandma as well, like her old Christmas village. Meanwhile, if you need some Christmas cheer may I suggest searching for “Christmas Commercials” on . . . it’s way fun! You can find gems like the following.

Or how about Pee Wee’s Christmas Special? Grace Jones and Cher in the same special . . . Amazing!


Love Sack Baby!

I went BACK to the mall again tonight, I had to buy some more things to go with the things I bought the day before. I’d say what the things were, but someone who can’t know might be reading. I still have more things to buy, I just have to figure out what those things are 🙂 I think I have finally settled on a birthday gift, but it might be tricky. Christmas is still up in the air.

While at the mall I found a store called Lovesac, they have a website They make bean bags, but very high end ones with custom covers and everything. They are very nice and comfy and I really want one. The trouble is they aren’t cheap and with my animals, yeah probably not a good mix. I’d have to cover it with a sheet to keep animal hair off it and to keep it from absorbing their odors. I’m also afraid Nikko would think it was a big toy he was allowed to destroy.

The BF told me he was tempted to get another kitten today. I said no no no and no. He figured I would. We have enough cats thank you!


Cleaned Up At The Mall!

Well that’s not true really. I cleaned up at Aeropostal, which was having a half off everything sale this weekend. I got some new jeans (had to go a size up again!) and a bunch of shirts. It seems they changed the sizes on shirts, or Aeropostal has a different sizing scale. There medium almost appears to be everyone else’s small. Normally I wear (or used to) anything between a small and a medium, but their smalls were tiny. I was shocked. Anyways I’m happy with what I got, I still need a few more summer items because of the upcoming cruise. My wardrobe is getting a bit old and worn out, so I have to replenish it.

As it happens every time I go clothes shopping, which always seems to be this time of year, I realize I need to work on my weight and stuff. I have been meaning to get back to the gym for so long, but with the conference earlier this much I have done nothing but school work. The cruise is less than 60 days away, I have to get to work! Yeah I know, I picked the worst time of year. Upon returning home I’ll have to find time to hit the gym at least every other day. Last year my suit was, shall we say, a bit tight. There is a formal night on the ship, but most people don’t get too dressed up. I might have to ditch the suit this year and work on putting together something else. I have some nice khakis and dress shirts that will work, as well as a nice dinner jacket. I just have to see what will match.

I still need new tennis shoes as well as dress shoes. I don’t understand why shoes seem to get more and more expensive every time I have to buy a pair. They also seem to get more and more ugly and fluorescent too.


Please Help, I Need An Intervention

For some reason I’ve been sucked into a “Trick My Truck” marathon on CMT. For those that don’t know what the hell this show is, in the spirit of TLC’s “Overhauling” and MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” this is a shock that tricks out big rid trucks. Seriously, stop me. As my BF says I’m going to lose my card.


Insanity At The Malls

So Keith came down today. We went out to the mall as I have to start both Christmas AND birthday shopping. I got some ideas, but didn’t really get anything except for a few small trinkets. The mall was a madhouse though. I thought people would have gotten all their crazy shopping out of the way yesterday with all the sales. Nope! Tons of people still at the mall.

I was sooooo tempted to get a picture with Santa. There were only 2 people in line, and the Santa looked so good. However there were FAR too many people hustling about. I think if I want a photo with Santa then I’ll do it during a work day when the mall is a little less crowded. I wonder how many adults they actually get asking to have a photo with Santa?

I’m contemplating going to a different mall tomorrow and try and do some more shipping. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.


If The Price Is Right . . . They Will Buy It

So I was in line at Best Buy today. Those familiar with Best Buy know how they wrap their line around all sorts of crap they obviously need to get rid of, so they pile it at the register line. Well today the line went all around the store, because it was Black Friday. They made sure to make sure the same crap was in reach. One of those items was the “High
School Musical DVD Game.”

As I’m waiting in line I hear a woman behind me blurt out “Oh look it this, they have a DVD game of High School Musical. How sad is that?”

About a minute later the same woman says “Oh it’s only $9.99!”

Yes, people really will buy crap they never thought they needed if it’s on sale.


Nikko Owns The Couch

Nikko LOVES my mother’s couch. He always finds the oddest way to sleep on it. I’d get him some kind of a bean bag pillow cushion for home if I didn’t think he’d get bored and destroy it.


Are You Going Out On Black Friday?

If so, what are you going to get? Do you have a list or just looking for deals? Years ago when I went to Charlottesville every year with my grandma and brother for Thanksgiving to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins we always went out shopping on Friday. The mall was busy, but back then Black Friday wasn’t nearly as huge as it is now.

I’m going to ATTEMPT to hit up Best Buy and Pier 1 tomorrow to see what is out. At Best Buy I want to get some cheap memory cards/flash drives. If there is anything else that stands out, perhaps I’ll pick something up. Pier 1 I’m going to try and do some gift shopping. I’ll be near a mall, I’m afraid to go into it though. I know it will be a madhouse.

Cyber Monday happens next week, that is when all the online stores have their version of Black Friday.


Thanksgiving Day TV

Why did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade seem so much better when I was a kid? It’s boring as all hell now and seems to get worse every year.

Where are the traditional Thanksgiving Day movies? No “Miracle on 34th Street” no “Christmas Story” no nothing. What gives?