Are You Going Out On Black Friday?

If so, what are you going to get? Do you have a list or just looking for deals? Years ago when I went to Charlottesville every year with my grandma and brother for Thanksgiving to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins we always went out shopping on Friday. The mall was busy, but back then Black Friday wasn’t nearly as huge as it is now.

I’m going to ATTEMPT to hit up Best Buy and Pier 1 tomorrow to see what is out. At Best Buy I want to get some cheap memory cards/flash drives. If there is anything else that stands out, perhaps I’ll pick something up. Pier 1 I’m going to try and do some gift shopping. I’ll be near a mall, I’m afraid to go into it though. I know it will be a madhouse.

Cyber Monday happens next week, that is when all the online stores have their version of Black Friday.



8 Responses to “Are You Going Out On Black Friday?”

Powder Says:

I’m going to Banana Republic at midnight! I may hit Best Buy, but I doubt it. I will avoid avoid avoid.

But thanks for the tip about Cyber Monday! I had no idea!!! So I will be on Amazon all day on Monday!


Dustin Says:

Something opens at midnight tonight? I’m impressed!


Powder Says:

Yes it did. But it was crazy there! I’m glad I went, but I’m glad it’s over too! 😀


Steve Says:

Our friend Jeff is going to attempt Best Buy this morning, too. Hope you find what you want… and, be safe!


Dustin Says:

Best Buy and Circuit City were IN SANE! It’s not like they really had that great of deals going on either. I got what I went for, which were some memory cards/flash drives.

Oh I got the unrated version of White Chicks for 3 bucks too 🙂


The Persian Says:

I am steering clear of all stores and malls today, people get killed in vicious stampedes on Black Friday, hadn’t you heard??


Krissy Says:

Circuit City was INSANE!!!! We were there about 4AM and got in line, I suppose there were 300 people in front of us. By 5AM when the store opened there must have been 300+ people behind us also. I got 2 game boy advanced sp’s though. We met really nice people in line and I have to say everyone was in a good mood and very polite.


Aravis Says:

I hate crowds and I doubt you’d ever find me shopping on Black Friday. On the news they showed people camped out in the horrible weather, huddling under blankets, tarps, umbrellas or, in some cases, nothing more than hoodies to protect them. Some people are very poor and the only way they’ll be able to afford some things is to get them during Black Friday sales, so I get that. But the people who don’t really need to get their shopping done first thing in the morning on Black Friday who chose to camp out in those miserable conditions? I think they’re just plain crazy.