Thanksgiving Day TV

Why did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade seem so much better when I was a kid? It’s boring as all hell now and seems to get worse every year.

Where are the traditional Thanksgiving Day movies? No “Miracle on 34th Street” no “Christmas Story” no nothing. What gives?



5 Responses to “Thanksgiving Day TV”

The Persian Says:

I hate that Parade, always sat there gritting my teeth when mom and dad made me watch it. lol

Happy Turkey Day !



Rebecca Says:

bah! i want thanksgiving! but no, I live in Canada and they (meaning my uni) are making me write an exam tommorow.

In canada we get only monday off 🙁 Ive heard that in the states it is a huge like 5 day weekend or something?

well im just bitter about this exam!


triciann Says:

The first hour was nothing but plugs for NBC shows and broadway songs, glad I Tivoed it,but I agree! It is not as good as it used to be.


Aravis Says:

I slept through it. The only thing that I found remotely of interest was whether or not the balloons would fly because of the weather. They did and I guess nothing bad happened this time. Not much more to be said.


Aravis Says:

But did you have a good Thanksgiving? I hope so! :0)