Cleaned Up At The Mall!

Well that’s not true really. I cleaned up at Aeropostal, which was having a half off everything sale this weekend. I got some new jeans (had to go a size up again!) and a bunch of shirts. It seems they changed the sizes on shirts, or Aeropostal has a different sizing scale. There medium almost appears to be everyone else’s small. Normally I wear (or used to) anything between a small and a medium, but their smalls were tiny. I was shocked. Anyways I’m happy with what I got, I still need a few more summer items because of the upcoming cruise. My wardrobe is getting a bit old and worn out, so I have to replenish it.

As it happens every time I go clothes shopping, which always seems to be this time of year, I realize I need to work on my weight and stuff. I have been meaning to get back to the gym for so long, but with the conference earlier this much I have done nothing but school work. The cruise is less than 60 days away, I have to get to work! Yeah I know, I picked the worst time of year. Upon returning home I’ll have to find time to hit the gym at least every other day. Last year my suit was, shall we say, a bit tight. There is a formal night on the ship, but most people don’t get too dressed up. I might have to ditch the suit this year and work on putting together something else. I have some nice khakis and dress shirts that will work, as well as a nice dinner jacket. I just have to see what will match.

I still need new tennis shoes as well as dress shoes. I don’t understand why shoes seem to get more and more expensive every time I have to buy a pair. They also seem to get more and more ugly and fluorescent too.



4 Responses to “Cleaned Up At The Mall!”

Aravis Says:

It is a difficult time of year. May I suggest you eat the things you like, just in smaller portions, while you exercise. It might help you as you try to lose weight.

Good luck with it all. No matter what, I bet you have a great time on that cruise!


jeremy Says:

What ship are you cruising on? We sailed on Sensation from New Orleans for our honeymoon in 2004. Hoping to make Rosie’s Cruise in February from Miami.



Dustin Says:

Ummmm, honestly I forget. I know it leaves out of San Diego. This is my 5th carnvial cruise, I always get the ships mixed up.


Dana Says:

You should check out the Aeropostale website. They are also having a 50% off sale and they have alot more to chose from.