Please Help, I Need An Intervention

For some reason I’ve been sucked into a “Trick My Truck” marathon on CMT. For those that don’t know what the hell this show is, in the spirit of TLC’s “Overhauling” and MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” this is a shock that tricks out big rid trucks. Seriously, stop me. As my BF says I’m going to lose my card.



2 Responses to “Please Help, I Need An Intervention”

Aravis Says:

That’s so funny, because when I came home from a meeting tonight Randy was watching the marathon and I got sucked into it too! I was saved by the re-broadcast of the CMA awards or who knows how long I would have watched! *G*


jeremy Says:

I get into “Little People – Big World” right now we are watching Biography Channel Bio’s … Bios all day – all night !!! Thank God we don’t pay for CMT channel nor do we watch it…