Insanity At The Malls

So Keith came down today. We went out to the mall as I have to start both Christmas AND birthday shopping. I got some ideas, but didn’t really get anything except for a few small trinkets. The mall was a madhouse though. I thought people would have gotten all their crazy shopping out of the way yesterday with all the sales. Nope! Tons of people still at the mall.

I was sooooo tempted to get a picture with Santa. There were only 2 people in line, and the Santa looked so good. However there were FAR too many people hustling about. I think if I want a photo with Santa then I’ll do it during a work day when the mall is a little less crowded. I wonder how many adults they actually get asking to have a photo with Santa?

I’m contemplating going to a different mall tomorrow and try and do some more shipping. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.



2 Responses to “Insanity At The Malls”

mrsmogul Says:

Don’t remind me of the MALL!!! I gotta do some xmas shopping YIKES!!

came by BE!


Ziggi's mom Says: