If The Price Is Right . . . They Will Buy It

So I was in line at Best Buy today. Those familiar with Best Buy know how they wrap their line around all sorts of crap they obviously need to get rid of, so they pile it at the register line. Well today the line went all around the store, because it was Black Friday. They made sure to make sure the same crap was in reach. One of those items was the “High
School Musical DVD Game.”

As I’m waiting in line I hear a woman behind me blurt out “Oh look it this, they have a DVD game of High School Musical. How sad is that?”

About a minute later the same woman says “Oh it’s only $9.99!”

Yes, people really will buy crap they never thought they needed if it’s on sale.



4 Responses to “If The Price Is Right . . . They Will Buy It”

Scotty Says:

So I seldum venture out on Black Friday anymore. And I have to admit, I kinda liked High School Musical though it WAS a bit cheesy.


KipEsquire Says:

“On sale” isn’t even really the point. People didn’t know they needed cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream before somebody started offering it. See also “Starbucks.”



sortedlives Says:

Just came across your blog. LOVE IT!! Look forward to reading more. And no, I did not do the Black Friday thing. When I was in my 20’s I lived for it, now, I would rather pay full price (now that I have the money) than get up at the ass crack of dawn to a bunch of freaks…


The Persian Says:

Yea some people will buy anything at the right price, and these stores know this. 🙂