Love Sack Baby!

I went BACK to the mall again tonight, I had to buy some more things to go with the things I bought the day before. I’d say what the things were, but someone who can’t know might be reading. I still have more things to buy, I just have to figure out what those things are 🙂 I think I have finally settled on a birthday gift, but it might be tricky. Christmas is still up in the air.

While at the mall I found a store called Lovesac, they have a website They make bean bags, but very high end ones with custom covers and everything. They are very nice and comfy and I really want one. The trouble is they aren’t cheap and with my animals, yeah probably not a good mix. I’d have to cover it with a sheet to keep animal hair off it and to keep it from absorbing their odors. I’m also afraid Nikko would think it was a big toy he was allowed to destroy.

The BF told me he was tempted to get another kitten today. I said no no no and no. He figured I would. We have enough cats thank you!



One Response to “Love Sack Baby!”

Aravis Says:

You and your BF sound like my in-laws. My FIL is always laying down the law, telling my MIL that she can’t bring home anymore animals. She brings them home anyway. Watch out! *G*