I Can Drive . . . . Maybe

Ahhhhhhh! I am in a quandary. I need to get back home, even telling my BF I was going to aim for tomorrow. But I have to get a rental car and to do that during the week means getting up REALLY early to get one. Then I get to fight the insane Washington Metro area rush hour traffic. Personally I’d rather wait till Saturday, I can pick it up around 11am and take my time getting home. Of course Saturday is aways away. Choices choices.

I can’t wait to get home though and finally start decorating the house. All my friends keep talking about decorating theirs, I’m jealous. I want to put out my big ass nativity and some of the stuff I got from my Grandma as well, like her old Christmas village. Meanwhile, if you need some Christmas cheer may I suggest searching for “Christmas Commercials” on YouTube.com . . . it’s way fun! You can find gems like the following.

Or how about Pee Wee’s Christmas Special? Grace Jones and Cher in the same special . . . Amazing!



3 Responses to “I Can Drive . . . . Maybe”

jeremy Says:

On 21 November you wrote that you “drove home” in what car, can’t you drive that same car home? Or was it a rental too??? I’m now confused!!! I had to read back to figure out these questions… me so silly!!



Dustin Says:

rental. I have yet to buy a car. Hopefully soon lol


Rebecca Says:

This one time I was waiting to cross the street to go to school. Across from the school there is a Ronald McDonald House….and this one time Ronald McDonald was there filming something. So i was sitting there staring going on in my head ‘teehee its ronald mcdonald!’…..and then he waved at me (I was at least 30-40 feet away too)….and it freaked me out so I ran to school….

Thats my story…