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Best Medium Ever?

At least one of the top 5! Tonights episode was awesome! It’s not even over and I’m posting about it, that is how awesome it was.

David Cubitt, who plays Detective Lee Scanlin


Where Was Lucky Star?

One of the best numbers of the Madonna concert, Lucky Star mixed with Gimme Gimme and the Dancing Queen cape, was cut out of the whole NBC broadcast! I can’t believe it!

Madonna better put this concert on DVD unedited.



This is the Nintendo Wii, pronounced We. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is what my brother and I used to say as kids whenever something seemed fun to us. Yeah we stole it from “Oh God Book II.” In this case it applies so well to the Wii.

Some of you may have heard of the system, but most of the news lately has been about the insane lines for the Playstation 3. I’m here to tell you that this system is fun fun fun (or should I say Weeeeeeee!). The system doesn’t have the glitzy graphics that the Xbox360 or PS3 have, but you know what, it’s damn fun to play. If you haven’t heard anything about it, you don’t play the games in the normal way with a normal controller. Instead the controller/s are motion sensitive. You swing your sword by swinging the controller, bowl a ball by acting like you are bowling, so and and so forth. It works wonderfully and is so much fun, even my brother is impressed with it.

One of the neater aspects of the system is the Mii function, which allows you to make a virtual version of yourself. This Mii can send email to people, travel with you to a friends house to play on their Wii, and even travel over the internet and visit friends. Way cool. If you have the system, or are planning to get one, hit me up so we can exchange friend codes so our Miis can visit one another.

For parents out there who are getting it for their kids, but don’t play video games . . . be prepared! You will fall in love with this system as much as your kids. Also if you were once a game you can download old Sega Genesis, NES and SNES games onto the Wii. Fun fun fun (the keywords of this whole post in case you haven’t gotten it yet)


Escaping The Nastiness

I drove home to Virginia today for the holidays. Who knows how long I’ll actually be here. I am hoping to meet up with Keith while I’m here. Not only did I hopefully escape the nastiness of a storm coming into the Philly/Jersey area on Thursday, I have escaped the brother! Woot!

Tonight I sat around watching the American Music Awards. I was not impressed with anything on the entire show. I guess that means I’m getting old. That or music nowadays just sucks (which probably means I’m getting old). Given the people making most of the music that I think sucks are older than I am, I would like to believe the music just sucks.

What the hell happened to Gwen Stefani? I hope her next album doesn’t sound like that crap song she played tonight. It was just awful, and she was the one thing I tuned into this whole suck fest for.

The show is still going on, why I’m still watching I don’t know, but when it’s over I will be sure to thank God and Jesus for that fact.


Seriously . . . SERIOUSLY!

It’s Thanksgiving week, which is a huge week for my BF’s business. Longer than normal work hours, sometimes till 2 or 3am each morning, only to get up around 6am. Well his brother comes down to help the family out and stays on until Christmas. His brother also stays with us.

He’s one of those people who always has an opinion on something you are doing or what not. He has a way to make it better and more efficient. We live in an old house, our bathroom doesn’t have a ventilation fan in it. “You should put a fan in the doorway, that way it will suck all the hot wet damp air out so the bathroom won’t get moldy, and then that moisture will help the rest of the house.” After telling me this he asked for a fan so he could just go ahead and do it. I don’t know where a fan to use is, I said talk to his brother. Not good enough, he had to search the house until he found one to use.

Tonight it was the dog’s water fountain, which he’s complained about before. I have one of those Petmate Petflow fountains. Well lets make that I HAD one. After having to hear yet another tirade about how the fountain was filthy, it was impossible to adequately clean, it was a breeding ground for bacteria, the cats are staring begging for fresh water, etc etc etc I had it. I ripped the plug out of the wall, picked the thing up, flinging the water in it all over the kitchen and threw it in the trash can. I told him to find a bowl for them and fill it with water . . . . to which he responded “Well where am I supposed to get one?”

The one thing I was looking forward to all day was playing my new Nintendo . . . . which I can’t do since he’s sitting on the couch watching anything and nothing on TV.

Tomorrow I leave to go home to Virginia for Thanksgiving. At this point I’m highly considering staying in Virginia until Christmas myself.


Cellphone Snobs

Today has to be my last lazy layabout day. I need to get back to writing tomorrow. *Sigh* The week to relax and lounge about was nice, I watched a lot of movies, played a lot of games. I had some migraines too, but oh well.

It’s looking like I may not be able to head home till Tuesday evening or *gulp* Wednesday. I’d rather drive home Tuesday evening than on Wednesday if I can help it. Some of the packages I was expecting have been delayed till Tuesday. I obviously jinxed myself.

Lately every time I get into my car I hear this insane commercial for Verizon Wireless. Some 20 something girl is yammering about about how she and her friends talk to one another for hours and hours because of in-network calling and they don’t use up any of their minutes. She then says “we don’t bother to call some of our other friends because they don’t have in-network calling and we don’t want to waste our valuable minutes.” I hate that commercial so much. I don’t know about these girls, but I’d literally have to talk on my cell phone 3+ hours each day to use up all the minutes I’m alloted.

Anyways I’m off to enjoy this last night. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I guess play some games or find a movie to watch 🙂



So this week I have basically done nothing at all. This is bad bad bad! I was so whooped after the conference last weekend that I ended up with a migraine and stomach issues. I was just lazy all week as I recouped. Now I have to get back in the swing of school work, which probably won’t be easy given I am heading home this week for Thanksgiving.

I am, by the way, typing this post on my new laptop! At the left are both laptops, the new one to the far left the old one to the right. The new laptop has a much bigger screen as well as a keyboard. I am not used to this keyboard at all. It was also a bitch to find a case for this thing. I ran all over South Jersey doing today trying to find one that fits a 17 inch laptop. I have installed most of the programs I need to do my work, I now just have to get the documents all transfered over. I have yet to figure out how to deal with the problems on the old one. I don’t really want to wipe the hard drive to see if that fixes the issues, because if it doesn’t then I’ll be really angry I wiped it 🙂 I guess I’ll email Dell about the issues and see what they say.

Last night Jen, Nick and I went to see that new Will Farrell movie “Stranger Than Fiction.” It was just bizarre, good, but bizarre. As I type this I’m watching “John Tucker Must Die.” So far it’s nothing to write home about, but the soundtrack is really good.

Tonight I had the pleasure of cleaning up the mess to the right. One of the cats knocked over a gallon of red paint in the basement. I was so pissed! It’s a dungeon of a basement, so it isn’t like it’s ruined anything. However the last thing I need is animals tracking it all over. The sad thing is, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this! Below the red paint you’ll notice some grey paint. Yeah they knocked it over a few months ago.

I have thrown all the paint away. I’m not cleaning up anymore paint knocked over by the cats again.


Thursday Thirteen #13

It’s been FOR-EV-AH since I did one of these, so I thought why the heck not.

Thirteen Of My Favorite Christmas Movies/Specials . . . In No Particular Order

1. Scrooge (the musical)
2. Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer
3. The Little Drummer Boy
4. If You Believe (Lifetime movie with the cheerleader from Heroes when she was like 6 years old!)
5. The Little Troll Prince (usually shown on Cartoon Network)
6. A Mom For Christmas (TERRIBLY cheesy movie with Olivia Newton John)
7. A Christmas Story (of course!)
8. Christmas Vacation (shitters full!)
9. A Family Circus Christmas (PJ found Granddad’s star!)
10. Noel (this was a cartoon about a little ornament that had “a happiness” and they only showed it a few times)
11. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
12. Frosty The Snowman
13. Year Without A Santa Clause

There were soooo many more, I had to stop at 13. That was tough!

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From China To Alaska

So yesterday I was so excited that my new laptop had shipped. I didn’t bother to read carefully where it was coming from . . . . China! It’s now in Alaska. It’s actually supposed to be here Monday morning, so all should be good.

Assuming everything I’ve ordered the last week or two actually arrives on Monday, I can head home for Thanksgiving on Tuesday and avoid the hell that will be traffic on Wednesday. Having gone home Wednesday evening last year (I think) I remember the nightmare crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Before going home I’m supposed to see my friends Friday and Saturday to do, well something. I don’t think any of us have figured out exactly what we are doing yet. Tomorrow night I think it’s just going to be dinner and a movie with my friend Jen. Saturday maybe drinks and some dancing with Mary. Who knows, we’ll see.

We had TERRIBLE storms here today. The rain didn’t come in till maybe three or four, but it was windy all day and we had tornado warnings. It poured most of the night. it’s finally stopped right now, but the weather says more rain is coming in. Is it terrible that I was tempted to go drive to Best Buy to check on the people in line for the PS3? Probably.

Speaking of videogames, I found this site tonight. It is a fan site for the very very old Bard’s Tale PC/Apple/Amiga games. You can actually download the old games and play them. Wow, I can’t believe the hours I spent playing these things, which look TERRIBLE compared to today’s games. I mean seriously it looks like a kid drew most of the graphics, which were so cutting edge back then.

I think I’m going to go play 🙂



I ran some quick errands today and went to Best Buy. There were about ten tents set up outside going around the corner, all people waiting for the PS3 which doesn’t come out till Friday! INSANE! It is supposed to be disgusting tomorrow, they will be stuck out there in the rain. Fun for them, I hope it’s worth it to have the PS3. How do you take of work (or in some of their cases school) to get a PS3? Take a sick day? Have your mom call into school sick for you?

“Medium” returned tonight with a 2 hour episode. It was good, a lot better than some of the weird episodes from the second season. It looks like they are getting back to the crime drama formula of the first season. There was a bit of weirdness to it with the cartoons I’ll admit. I thought the way they used Thomas Jane was a bit weak though.

Next week is the Madonna concert. I can’t wait for that, even if they are cutting the “Live To Tell” number out. I am hoping it will be put out on DVD at some point as well. She never put her last concert, the Reunion Tour Re-Invention Tour out. That was probably her best concert ever too.

Finally, my new laptop has shipped. I can’t wait till it gets here as every day I grow more and more frustrated with this one. Once everything is transfered to the new laptop I’ll see about having this one fixed and then figuring out what to do with it.