Where Was Lucky Star?

One of the best numbers of the Madonna concert, Lucky Star mixed with Gimme Gimme and the Dancing Queen cape, was cut out of the whole NBC broadcast! I can’t believe it!

Madonna better put this concert on DVD unedited.



3 Responses to “Where Was Lucky Star?”

jeremy Says:

We got the concert here in Montreal on the NBC affiliate in Burlington and there were commercial breaks after every number. I wonder how much they edited out of the concert. We did not get to see her live here when she was in Montreal.


Dustin Says:

I know for sure they edited out a lot 🙂 Such as when Madonna sang “Sorry” they showed various politicians on the big screens. She had a great photo of Condi and Bush up there as she sang “I don’t wanna hear . . . . “


Jordy Says:

Uploaded a couple clips from tonight’s show.