This is the Nintendo Wii, pronounced We. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is what my brother and I used to say as kids whenever something seemed fun to us. Yeah we stole it from “Oh God Book II.” In this case it applies so well to the Wii.

Some of you may have heard of the system, but most of the news lately has been about the insane lines for the Playstation 3. I’m here to tell you that this system is fun fun fun (or should I say Weeeeeeee!). The system doesn’t have the glitzy graphics that the Xbox360 or PS3 have, but you know what, it’s damn fun to play. If you haven’t heard anything about it, you don’t play the games in the normal way with a normal controller. Instead the controller/s are motion sensitive. You swing your sword by swinging the controller, bowl a ball by acting like you are bowling, so and and so forth. It works wonderfully and is so much fun, even my brother is impressed with it.

One of the neater aspects of the system is the Mii function, which allows you to make a virtual version of yourself. This Mii can send email to people, travel with you to a friends house to play on their Wii, and even travel over the internet and visit friends. Way cool. If you have the system, or are planning to get one, hit me up so we can exchange friend codes so our Miis can visit one another.

For parents out there who are getting it for their kids, but don’t play video games . . . be prepared! You will fall in love with this system as much as your kids. Also if you were once a game you can download old Sega Genesis, NES and SNES games onto the Wii. Fun fun fun (the keywords of this whole post in case you haven’t gotten it yet)



2 Responses to “Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Kay Says:

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought you might like gopets. http://www.gopetslive.com/en/intro/intro.html. It’s like Syms, but for pets where you can adopt a cat or dog, or multiples of them, and they travel and meet others, and you can mate them with others, and you can dress them up. I thought you might enjoy it.


Aravis Says:

I’m not into game systems but I’ve just seen an ad for this and I have to say that if I was going to buy a system, it would be this one. It looks great!