Seriously . . . SERIOUSLY!

It’s Thanksgiving week, which is a huge week for my BF’s business. Longer than normal work hours, sometimes till 2 or 3am each morning, only to get up around 6am. Well his brother comes down to help the family out and stays on until Christmas. His brother also stays with us.

He’s one of those people who always has an opinion on something you are doing or what not. He has a way to make it better and more efficient. We live in an old house, our bathroom doesn’t have a ventilation fan in it. “You should put a fan in the doorway, that way it will suck all the hot wet damp air out so the bathroom won’t get moldy, and then that moisture will help the rest of the house.” After telling me this he asked for a fan so he could just go ahead and do it. I don’t know where a fan to use is, I said talk to his brother. Not good enough, he had to search the house until he found one to use.

Tonight it was the dog’s water fountain, which he’s complained about before. I have one of those Petmate Petflow fountains. Well lets make that I HAD one. After having to hear yet another tirade about how the fountain was filthy, it was impossible to adequately clean, it was a breeding ground for bacteria, the cats are staring begging for fresh water, etc etc etc I had it. I ripped the plug out of the wall, picked the thing up, flinging the water in it all over the kitchen and threw it in the trash can. I told him to find a bowl for them and fill it with water . . . . to which he responded “Well where am I supposed to get one?”

The one thing I was looking forward to all day was playing my new Nintendo . . . . which I can’t do since he’s sitting on the couch watching anything and nothing on TV.

Tomorrow I leave to go home to Virginia for Thanksgiving. At this point I’m highly considering staying in Virginia until Christmas myself.



2 Responses to “Seriously . . . SERIOUSLY!”

jeremy Says:

This is YOUR home remember that and loosing your head over a guest, be he family or not is an invasion of your lives. Guest should be grateful for a roof and a bed, and maybe you need to set some boundaries or just say “get the F*ck out!”

Running from your home because he is there only makes him a winner and you the looser doesn’t it. Level heads prevail – professor!!

Stay COOL !!



grammie97 Says:

Sadly I would have reacted the same way you did…and I am 53…..LOL….Only I would have made sure the water hit HIM…what does your BF say about the behaviour of his brother? HE should be the one to put a stop to this…Or both of you together. Have fun at home in Virginia…