From China To Alaska

So yesterday I was so excited that my new laptop had shipped. I didn’t bother to read carefully where it was coming from . . . . China! It’s now in Alaska. It’s actually supposed to be here Monday morning, so all should be good.

Assuming everything I’ve ordered the last week or two actually arrives on Monday, I can head home for Thanksgiving on Tuesday and avoid the hell that will be traffic on Wednesday. Having gone home Wednesday evening last year (I think) I remember the nightmare crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Before going home I’m supposed to see my friends Friday and Saturday to do, well something. I don’t think any of us have figured out exactly what we are doing yet. Tomorrow night I think it’s just going to be dinner and a movie with my friend Jen. Saturday maybe drinks and some dancing with Mary. Who knows, we’ll see.

We had TERRIBLE storms here today. The rain didn’t come in till maybe three or four, but it was windy all day and we had tornado warnings. It poured most of the night. it’s finally stopped right now, but the weather says more rain is coming in. Is it terrible that I was tempted to go drive to Best Buy to check on the people in line for the PS3? Probably.

Speaking of videogames, I found this site tonight. It is a fan site for the very very old Bard’s Tale PC/Apple/Amiga games. You can actually download the old games and play them. Wow, I can’t believe the hours I spent playing these things, which look TERRIBLE compared to today’s games. I mean seriously it looks like a kid drew most of the graphics, which were so cutting edge back then.

I think I’m going to go play 🙂


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