I ran some quick errands today and went to Best Buy. There were about ten tents set up outside going around the corner, all people waiting for the PS3 which doesn’t come out till Friday! INSANE! It is supposed to be disgusting tomorrow, they will be stuck out there in the rain. Fun for them, I hope it’s worth it to have the PS3. How do you take of work (or in some of their cases school) to get a PS3? Take a sick day? Have your mom call into school sick for you?

“Medium” returned tonight with a 2 hour episode. It was good, a lot better than some of the weird episodes from the second season. It looks like they are getting back to the crime drama formula of the first season. There was a bit of weirdness to it with the cartoons I’ll admit. I thought the way they used Thomas Jane was a bit weak though.

Next week is the Madonna concert. I can’t wait for that, even if they are cutting the “Live To Tell” number out. I am hoping it will be put out on DVD at some point as well. She never put her last concert, the Reunion Tour Re-Invention Tour out. That was probably her best concert ever too.

Finally, my new laptop has shipped. I can’t wait till it gets here as every day I grow more and more frustrated with this one. Once everything is transfered to the new laptop I’ll see about having this one fixed and then figuring out what to do with it.



3 Responses to “Shipping!”

jeremy Says:

There is a dvd available here it is called, “I want to tell you a secret” with special behind the scene footage. I never heard of a Reunion dvd??? I have the Aussie (The Girlie Show) Tour and the Drowned World Tour on video.

If we get Madonna dvd’s here first I will let you know.



Dustin Says:

Yeah I meant Re-Invention Tour 🙂 I need to stop writting posts late at night 🙂

The “I Want To Tell You A Secret” movie has footage from the Re-Invention Tour.


Aravis Says:

I liked the episode, though I agree that the reason for his being there didn’t make a lot of sense. I loved Joe’s response though. You know what did really bug me though? The way everyone treated Alyson and her visions. Hello, how many times does she have to be right for them to stop treating her with derision? Granted they had things going on themselves, but still. It isn’t necessary to write the characters that way.