Christmas Christmas Time Is Here

Finally, after a long long wait “Medium” returns with a two hour season premier tonight. Patricia Arquette’s husband (I think they got married) hottie Thomas Jane is costarring in tonights episode as the ghost of a dead ex.

Something else begins very soon on television . . . Christmas! With Thanksgiving coming up next week it means the start of Christmas specials. Of course it will all start with the holy grail of Christmas on TNT “A Christmas Story.” Then it’s over to ABC Family Channel for the 25 days of Christmas beginning in December.

With Christmas also coming up it is time to start thinking about decorations. On one of my old blogs I talked a lot about how I’ve been getting the Thomas Kinkade Nativity Set, which is one of those by mail collectibles that you get pieces every month or two to. As it stands I think I have about 8 million figures. Well not really, but I have a lot. I’m not sure where I’m going to put them all! If I forgo the creche (stable) then I can put them on the fireplace mantel. It is probably the best place, the kitten can’t get to them and I can actually look at them. Wherever I put them I’ll be sure to post photos.

Switching topics completely, it seems my paper was better than I thought. I got an email today from an archaeologist well known for his work in the area I’m doing my research in. While he wasn’t at the meetings I was at this past weekend, somehow he heard of my paper and emailed me requesting a copy. I got to get to work polishing it up I guess.



8 Responses to “Christmas Christmas Time Is Here”

GetSheila Says:

Oy, I am already stressing about Christmas shopping, finding the perfect gift, will I forget someone who will later show up on my doorstep with a gift for me? It’s too much pressure! Ack!

BTW, Patricia Arquette did marry Thomas Jane back in June of this year. She has been all over the media promoting tonights Medium premiere and calling Thomas Jane a hottie. 🙂


animonity Says:

ummm don’t you mean 25 Days of Christmas in December


Aravis Says:

Yes, they got married in Venice. I can’t wait to see tonight’s episode; it promises to be good.

As for Christmas, I’m not ready for Thanksgiving, let alone that other holiday. :0P


Aravis Says:

Oh, and congratulations on the recognition of your paper!


Dustin Says:

September December, close enough 🙂 It was late, I was tired 😛


Arie Says:

Wow!!!! Dustin. Major kudos on your paper!!!! That’s awesome.


Dustin Says:



Martha Says:

Congrats on the paper! That’s awesome to hear and is a great accomplishment for you.