Honesty Is The Best Policy

The stress and the travel finally all hit me yesterday. I think the major rainstorm yesterday didn’t help either. I got hit with a huge migraine. I was pissed because I was supposed to go out to dinner with the BF and his nieces and I had to bail. Grrr! I’m still trying to keep it away, I shouldn’t even be looking at the PC.

In other news Nikko has been a bad boy again! He chewed up the cord to my webcam! It isn’t a cord I can replace either as it’s attached to the camera. I emailed the company asking how much it would cost to have it fixed, as it was a rather expensive camera. I guess they must have got a good chuckle out of the old “My dog ate it” excuse because they are sending me a replacement free of charge.



2 Responses to “Honesty Is The Best Policy”

Aravis Says:

That’s too funny about Nikko and the camera company!


Arie Says:

Hi Dustin, I just was checking out your blog. I thought I would send you a note to brighten your day, because it seems like you had a toughie yesterday ( I’m assuming it was about your Thoughts Comments Page), by the looks of your blog.

I always check it from time to time. I don’t want you to think I’m a stalker or anything, but I just love your DAYS page and feel like I know you through your DAYS thoughts and like I said in my earlier email to you, you brighten my day everyday and I am so glad to have your site to turn to for a smile or some good old soap gossip.

Anywho! I know you’re all the way in Philly (judging by your job at Temple U) but if you lived here in LA we might even be close friends and have sooooo much fun together!!!!

BTW – I also LOVE THE Scissor Sisters… along with so many others. Currently I’m listening to Everything But The Girl and hoping Tracy Thorne will make her return to recording again.

I also wanted to comment that I think you have an amazing family history and the fact that you can trace it back is fabuolous. I only wish I could do the same.

Love your babies!!!

Smooches.- Arie