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Those Were The Days Of My Life

Okay so this is a post some who read my blog might be interested in. A lot of people ask and probably want to know . . . do I still watch the soaps? The answer, kinda, but not really. Sorry folks, this post might depress or upset some of you.

When I stopped doing “the page” back in March I had every intention of continuing to watch “Days” and “Passions.” I had watched “Passions” since the beginning, and “Days” since I was in 7th grade. Unfortunately in March is when “Days” started going downhill and fast, at least in my opinion. Two weeks of the whole “Locked in Crazy Ava’s room” was enough for me, I just turned the show off and honestly stopped caring if I watched every day like I used to.

Since then I’ll turn it on if I’m home when it’s one’o’clock, but if I walk out the door because I have to do something during the middle of it, or before it’s even set to come on knowing I’ll probably miss it, I don’t really care. Does that make me sad? Yup. But if the show chooses to go in a direction that doesn’t hold my interest, then I won’t beat myself up over not watching. I probably see one whole episode a week now, two if I’m lucky. Usually I end up watching the days it is the “Phillip and Chloe” show, or like Friday when it was the “Max and Stephanie” show. I don’t like these characters, and when they are the majority of the hour, I tune out even when it’s on in the background. Don’t get me started on the never-gunna-be-resolved EJ, Sami, Lucas mess. They are the new Austin, Sami, Carrie; it will never end until the actors leave the show.

Only one other time comes to mind that I have been so disinterested in “Days” as long as I’ve watched it. It was during my third year of grad school and I was swamped with classes and teaching, so I stopped watching for about six months. It was also when the whole “Austin and Greta Virtual Garden of Eden” crap was going on, and that had a lot to do with my decision to tune out for a bit.

“Passions” I tend to have the 3 hour Thursday marathon on in the background while I’m doing other work. That show ends soon and since I watched it from the start, I’d like to see how it actually ends. Plus I’m stuck paying for this DirecTV so I might as well watch it! But like “Days,” I don’t pay attention like I once did (cause I had to in order to run the page). Come August when the show ends, I will call DirecTV and cancel that service, even if they don’t want to let me out of some contract I might be in (and think I am). I’m sure I won’t be the only one doing it either!

I do not watch any other soaps on other networks. I was always an NBC soap watcher, and doubt I will pick up any others at this point. I just don’t have the time anymore, and it seems I don’t care for the ones I used to like enough to watch them regularly anymore. I like my night time shows enough as is, they are enough for me πŸ™‚

Please note, this isn’t meant to insult the shows or the shows fans. I’m just being honest about how I feel and answering a question many people have asked or might be curious about. Like I said earlier, it makes me sad I’m not as interested in the shows as I once was, but shows change and so do people. Honestly I wonder if I would have given up or just not watched as religiously as I did a lot sooner if I hadn’t been doing “the page.” If I see a change in the shows then who knows, maybe I’ll begin to watch more regularly again.

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Order In The House!

Ugh! I have so much to do before I can leave to go to Virginia on Monday. Well I don’t have to do most of it, I just want to. I don’t like leaving the house in a messy state and then coming back, as I know it will just be worse! Here’s my checklist for the weekend . . . . .

    Get the car washed and cleaned – Check (1)
    Get a haircut – Check (2)
    Re-dye my hair – Ummmmm (3)
    Comb the cats thoroughly – Check
    Buy and then change all the air filters in my air cleaners – Check
    Clean the downstairs guest bedroom up – Check
    Clean out and organize the computer drawers – Not Gunna Happen
    Do laundry – Check
    Give the dogs baths – Not Gunna Happen
    Vacuum the whole house – Check
    Clean the kitchen and bathroom – Check

Seriously, I feel like I’ve become a housewife!


(1) – Only half done. I wanted the full service which includes detailing the inside, but they had no detailer today. Grrrr!

(2) – I spent over 2 hours waiting to get my haircut thanks to the redneck family from hell. A woman, her husband and 4 kids tied up the entire salon getting their hair cut. I wanted to tell the woman off and say that the polite thing to do would have been have one person do them all, that way everyone waiting behind them wouldn’t have to wait all day. Oh and they really were rednecks. The husband has a giant hole in the back of his jeans and no underwear on, and their son’s name was in fact Bubba.

(3) – Not learning my lesson from last time, I decided to try bleach blond again! I got the right kit this time, the problem was my multi-shaded hair I started with. The sides and back were my normal blahzay brown (mostly grey) color. The top still had the blue-black dye in it, and that didn’t want to bleach out. I ended up with multi-colored blond hair. The sides and back looked great, the top not so much. I’m contemplating buzzing or just going to a brown.

Run, Don

So this afternoon I finally dragged my butt out to try this ‘Couch to 5K’ podcast run. Oh Ma Gawd! Half way through the man tells me “You should be feeling the affects of the running, but shouldn’t be tired or out of breath.” I was like “all of the above!” I finished it, and worked up a sweat like I’ve never done at the gym on the cardio equipment. I have to say to keep this up I will need better tennis shoes for sure. Running in sketchers doesn’t cut it, even if they are the ‘sport’ variety.

The above is another local news bit with the BF. He wasn’t given as much airtime as in the last one, but he’s put together a bit better this time πŸ™‚ I also have a beef to pick with CBS for the way they edited it as you can’t distinguish between the two farms in it! All the shopping and customers are his farm, the fields are the other farm in the broadcast. Oh and thank you Cathy Gandolpho for not bothering to even say the name of the farm, when in fact you stood in the parking lot to do your live broadcast!

In the future these things will be nipped in the bud. Like it or not, I’ll probably end up working at the farm when school is over. I’ll need a job, I have no clue what my chances of getting one in my field locally are and I’ve been unofficially offered one doing their website, newsletters and other stuff which I actually can do and they can’t. I’d also be able to do educational stuff about the area too for school groups. Who knows, it’s a big farm, I could find a site on it I’m sure.

My next official video blog will be a walking tour of the farm πŸ™‚ The weather should be nice this weekend so I’ll take all the videos. Next week I’m in Virginia and specifically Williamsburg. My nights are going to be spent at the Quality Inn, not out partying, so I’ll probably be working at night on school work. I’ll edit my blog when I need a brain break. I’ll also be sure to get photos up of Williamsburg and Jamestown while I’m there!

I Triple Dog Dare You!

Okay, so I’ve been ranting and raving in a few posts about how much I love this game ‘Singstar’ for PS3. Well I can’t believe I’m posting this, but I am. I made a video of me camping it up to the ‘Scissor Sisters’ song “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin” for my friends to see what the game is about, and am sharing it with ya’ll.

For some reference, normally you sing to the songs video on the screen, which you can see in one of my previous videoblogs on here. However, if you have the cam for the PS3 then it records a clip of your performance for you to upload online, should you choose to. Right now the uploads are only available to the Playstation community. In the fall this is set to change so that the ‘Singstar Community’ hits the whole web, though you can opt out of having your profile go on the full web should you chose (in case I scare people from buying the game, which everyone should).

Anyway, I made a recording my recording of the ‘Scissor Sisters’ vid. Sorry, no way to extract the original off my PS3. Oh and for the curious, that would be my BF cackling in the middle of it when he saw it was me on the TV singing. Ass! I told him to get up and try it himself, but he wouldn’t. I even enticed him with ‘The Spice Girls,’ ‘Duran Duran,’ and ‘The Weather Girls.’ He will sing when I get enough alcohol in him, and trust me, his videos will go online! BTW so far I’ve gotten 4 out of 5 stars for this video lol! Oh and before leaving comments about my singing, try singing in some Bee Gee’s falsetto in tune on cam yourself first πŸ™‚ It’s not that easy!

This video goes out to you know who. It’s a dare to the Y to the B to the E C K. Yeah, it’s on baby!

P.S. If anyone wants to add me on the PSN network, I’m RDustinC

Run Run Away! See Chameleon . . .

So after posting my horrific first run experience, my friend pointed me to the following website: It’s called ‘Couch to 5K in 9 Weeks.’ The idea is over nine weeks any old couch potato can train to run a 5K. Now I have no desire to run a 5K, but the program sounds interesting to me, especially since after that first attempt I realized how horrifically out of shape I really am.

On the site there are 9 weeks of free podcasts to download that basically tell you what to do, ie when to walk and when to run. It’s all set to music too, so that’s even better. I downloaded all the podcasts and have decided to give this program a try. I’ll update everyone on my progress here and how effective it is.

The website also pointed me to another site called Calorie King ( I had been using for awhile which I really like. Two summers ago using it and regular exercise I lost a good deal of weight. However lately I find myself only using it to record my weight and not being bothered to input my food, which is bothersome as you have to search for the foods and then scroll through lists looking for what you wanted it to find for you.

The Calorie King website lets you download software (a free 7 day trial) and works almost the same way as MyFoodDiary does, but so much quicker because it’s on your PC. Plus the food part is so more efficient when it comes to searching and finding, and you can download updates to the food database. I like the overall graphical presentation of what you’ve eaten better as well (how much fat, carbs, calories, etc). I’m going to switch over to this and use it as well.

By the end of this summer I plan to finally be done with my dissertation and a fit lean mean machine lol.

Pain . . . and Pain in the Ass

So after my attempt at running yesterday, I woke up today and my legs didn’t feel so good. In fact they hurt, a lot, a lot more than they do from using cardio equipment at the gym. That was pretty telling to me. I thought they’d get better as the day went on. Nope! They still hurt. Needless to say I didn’t even attempt to run today, except to run across the street . . . and that hurt a lot.

Last night I watched the Tony Awards on TV. One of the presenters was Alec Baldwin and he brought his brother with him . . . no not Billy . . . Stephen! I was shocked and pretty appalled. They showed a shot of them sitting there and Stephen smiled and waved at the camera. I wanted to throw something at him, and I hope someone at the Tony Awards did . . . and that they hit him in the head . . . hard . . . real hard.

For those not aware, Stephen has become a born again Christian recently, but the insane kind like Kirk Cameron where they feel the need to tell everyone how they are going to burn in hell and it will really hurt. Stephen also got into a war of words with his brother Billy, who stars on “Dirty Sexy Money.” Billy plays a character having an affair with a post-op transsexual on the show, who is played by a real life post-op. They’ve gotten into arguments over gays, gay rights and gay marriage. Yeah you can pretty much guess what Stephen thinks and had to say about the subject. So color me shocked that he had the balls to show up at the Tony Awards, gay central.

I hope Cheyenne Jackson kicked him in the balls.

Smackdown On My Ass!

So I did not go running on Saturday like I said I would. I woke up, walked outside and said “Ew.” It was so muggy and the air was so thick that you could see the haze. I was not about to run in that crud.

I did run tonight, but I didn’t last long at all. I soon remembered and was reminded of why I hated running the mile back in high school. I guess if I run a bit each day, or every other day, I’ll get better. But I don’t want to get shin splints either. Once all my cuts heal I’ll be able to get back to the gym.

I tried to find some new earrings in Philly when I was there Friday, but none of the stores had what I wanted. If they did they had one of the color I wanted at insane prices. I just went online and ordered a bunch of earrings from a reputable site. I ordered 3 teal for one ear and 2 green for the other. I still want 2 more piercings, and almost considered getting them done on Friday. It was so hot though and I was meeting Jen, I didn’t want to risk a migraine from sharp needles going into my ears.

Finally I introduced the BF, quickly, to Singstar tonight. He came in while I was perusing the videos online. He asked what the game was, I told him, then I showed him videos from the star of the online Singstar Scene, one Divalicious. He found it amusing. I didn’t show him the actual game part, cause he’d want to play and the Tony Awards are about to come on. Xanadu baby!

The Happening . . . Not So Happening

So I just got back from seeing “The Happening,” which honestly I went to out of boredom mostly. After seeing it, I’m pretty sure this is what was going through M. Night’s head when he came up with the idea for the movie . . . .

Okay first this thing is going to happen, and it will make everyone on screen and in the audience be like “What’s happening?” Then everyone will be like “OMG I can’t believe this is happening.” About thirty minutes in I’m going to have the character played by Otis from ‘Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman’ say “I think this is what is happening!” Then about thirty minutes later Marky Mark’s character will be like “I think that crazy guy was right about what is happening!” Then when you get to the end of the film the shock will be no characteristic M. Night movie twist and the audience will be like “So you mean that really is what happened?” Then after the credits roll everyone will leave the theater thinking about the movie and saying “You know there have always been those stories that one day something like that could happen.”

Of course if you see the movie with the people I saw it with then you’ll probably hear people saying things like “That movie sucked,” “That was the worst movie ever” and “I’m tired of going to see shitty movies.”

Happy Friday The 13th!

So I have decided I will start jogging on Saturday. My legs should not be as achy by then and it should be okay. They look absolutely horrific right now. I have some ugly and funky colored scabs on them!

Today is Friday the 13th, and apparently it’s the only one we get this year, so make it count! I’m headed to Philly to have dinner with my friend Jen. Then we are going to do a movie marathon at her place, watching scary movies and enjoying delicious drinks as she put it. We’ll also no doubt end up playing Mario Kart on Wii.

I am currently entertaining the idea of getting the new iPhone when it comes out next month. My iPod is now over 2 years old and needs a new battery. The cost of getting a new battery has me thinking hell, I might as well just get a new fricken iPod! Last year I was toying with the idea of a PDA, so I could do various internet things on the go. The new iPod seems to have the iPod, phone and internet capabilities all in one package. I still have a month to think this over, and I have no intention of standing in insane lines on launch day for a phone.

Finally in honor of Friday the 13th, I’m including the following image. It’s so horrific that I had to put it under the fold so it wasn’t on the main page to shock you upon entry. Go on, you know you want to look. Be warned, you won’t be able to stop looking!


New Cyndi!

Another album I’m currently enjoying along with the new Alanis’ is the new Cyndi Lauper album “Bring Ya To The Brink.” It’s a total departure for her from her past few albums, which were more contemporary in feel. This one goes back to her pop roots and is pure dance fun! The following is her new video for “Into The Night,” which was filmed at Splash in New York City.