Order In The House!

Ugh! I have so much to do before I can leave to go to Virginia on Monday. Well I don’t have to do most of it, I just want to. I don’t like leaving the house in a messy state and then coming back, as I know it will just be worse! Here’s my checklist for the weekend . . . . .

    Get the car washed and cleaned – Check (1)
    Get a haircut – Check (2)
    Re-dye my hair – Ummmmm (3)
    Comb the cats thoroughly – Check
    Buy and then change all the air filters in my air cleaners – Check
    Clean the downstairs guest bedroom up – Check
    Clean out and organize the computer drawers – Not Gunna Happen
    Do laundry – Check
    Give the dogs baths – Not Gunna Happen
    Vacuum the whole house – Check
    Clean the kitchen and bathroom – Check

Seriously, I feel like I’ve become a housewife!


(1) – Only half done. I wanted the full service which includes detailing the inside, but they had no detailer today. Grrrr!

(2) – I spent over 2 hours waiting to get my haircut thanks to the redneck family from hell. A woman, her husband and 4 kids tied up the entire salon getting their hair cut. I wanted to tell the woman off and say that the polite thing to do would have been have one person do them all, that way everyone waiting behind them wouldn’t have to wait all day. Oh and they really were rednecks. The husband has a giant hole in the back of his jeans and no underwear on, and their son’s name was in fact Bubba.

(3) – Not learning my lesson from last time, I decided to try bleach blond again! I got the right kit this time, the problem was my multi-shaded hair I started with. The sides and back were my normal blahzay brown (mostly grey) color. The top still had the blue-black dye in it, and that didn’t want to bleach out. I ended up with multi-colored blond hair. The sides and back looked great, the top not so much. I’m contemplating buzzing or just going to a brown.


5 Responses to “Order In The House!”

Aravis Says:

I feel tired just reading this list. But since you’re inclined to clean, I’ll email you my address and expect you approx. 4 hours after you read it.



Patti Says:

I just hope you haven’t become a DESPERATE housewife…LOL


Dustin Says:

I’m about to become a DH after waiting 2 hours to get my haircut!


Becky Says:

That is alot to accomplish in one weekend! Good luck with all of it:) Serioulsy…someone actually named their child Bubba?!?!


Janelle Says:

Seriously, a hole and no underwear! I would have loved to see you trying to hold back your laughter — that had to be a classic scene!