Those Were The Days Of My Life

Okay so this is a post some who read my blog might be interested in. A lot of people ask and probably want to know . . . do I still watch the soaps? The answer, kinda, but not really. Sorry folks, this post might depress or upset some of you.

When I stopped doing “the page” back in March I had every intention of continuing to watch “Days” and “Passions.” I had watched “Passions” since the beginning, and “Days” since I was in 7th grade. Unfortunately in March is when “Days” started going downhill and fast, at least in my opinion. Two weeks of the whole “Locked in Crazy Ava’s room” was enough for me, I just turned the show off and honestly stopped caring if I watched every day like I used to.

Since then I’ll turn it on if I’m home when it’s one’o’clock, but if I walk out the door because I have to do something during the middle of it, or before it’s even set to come on knowing I’ll probably miss it, I don’t really care. Does that make me sad? Yup. But if the show chooses to go in a direction that doesn’t hold my interest, then I won’t beat myself up over not watching. I probably see one whole episode a week now, two if I’m lucky. Usually I end up watching the days it is the “Phillip and Chloe” show, or like Friday when it was the “Max and Stephanie” show. I don’t like these characters, and when they are the majority of the hour, I tune out even when it’s on in the background. Don’t get me started on the never-gunna-be-resolved EJ, Sami, Lucas mess. They are the new Austin, Sami, Carrie; it will never end until the actors leave the show.

Only one other time comes to mind that I have been so disinterested in “Days” as long as I’ve watched it. It was during my third year of grad school and I was swamped with classes and teaching, so I stopped watching for about six months. It was also when the whole “Austin and Greta Virtual Garden of Eden” crap was going on, and that had a lot to do with my decision to tune out for a bit.

“Passions” I tend to have the 3 hour Thursday marathon on in the background while I’m doing other work. That show ends soon and since I watched it from the start, I’d like to see how it actually ends. Plus I’m stuck paying for this DirecTV so I might as well watch it! But like “Days,” I don’t pay attention like I once did (cause I had to in order to run the page). Come August when the show ends, I will call DirecTV and cancel that service, even if they don’t want to let me out of some contract I might be in (and think I am). I’m sure I won’t be the only one doing it either!

I do not watch any other soaps on other networks. I was always an NBC soap watcher, and doubt I will pick up any others at this point. I just don’t have the time anymore, and it seems I don’t care for the ones I used to like enough to watch them regularly anymore. I like my night time shows enough as is, they are enough for me 🙂

Please note, this isn’t meant to insult the shows or the shows fans. I’m just being honest about how I feel and answering a question many people have asked or might be curious about. Like I said earlier, it makes me sad I’m not as interested in the shows as I once was, but shows change and so do people. Honestly I wonder if I would have given up or just not watched as religiously as I did a lot sooner if I hadn’t been doing “the page.” If I see a change in the shows then who knows, maybe I’ll begin to watch more regularly again.

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3 Responses to “Those Were The Days Of My Life”

Richard Says:

Days is really bad now that the old writers are back. Since you brought it up, Your old page really sucks now, too.

I had a job that I left after 14 years and it was the right thing to do. I support your moving on to other things ect ect. I really don’t mean to complain about your part in all this. But the old site is nearly useless.

Having said all that, You really did an amazing job on the soap site. The quality of summery, spoilers and generally providing a great source for information, was just outstanding. You should be very proud of the work you did.


Janelle Says:

I too started watching days in 7th grade! I stopped watching it long ago. I think the last thing I saw was Sami and EJ get married. I mostly kept up with through your site and when you sold the site, it just wasn’t the same becasue the part I really cared about was “Dustin’s thoughts on Days.” Anywho… the writing was good there for a while. The storylines were jumping and you didn’t want to miss a day and then…. it went back to the same old soap format, “lets drag this SAME storyline out for 3 years” I still record it everyday because I can’t bring myself to stop recording it. In some form or fashion I have been recording that show most days since 7th grade– I had one of those VCR’s with the remote that was attached to the VCR= not wireless! I never watch Judge Judy either, but can’t bring myself to stop recording it either. So, both of those shows just take up valuable space on my DVR, but hey what can ya do?? It’s like my smoking, I just can’t bring myself to stop it.


Dustin Says:

it’s still on my tivo too lol, i just don’t watch it 🙁