Girls Who Do Boys

Okay so I have been blogging about my love for the game “Singstar” for the PS3 for some time now. I do however have a beef with Sony over it. It’s about their “singstore” and the videos they make availabe.

Now to be clear, this franchise is way more popular in Europe than it is in America so far, which has been dominated by “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero.” Also Europe is more open minded than we are here in the States, especially when it comes to sex. Nevertheless, they have several “Blur” songs for sale in their “Singstore,” but not the one I want.

I grew up in Northern Virgina where during the 90’s the great “WHFS” was broadcast. This was a DC area based station pioneering the “alternative” sound and even played on MTV at that period for its “HFStiville.” This was a summer festival concert featuring all the “it” bands of the time.

They introduced me, and most likely many others, to “Blur” through the song “Girls and Boys,” which if you can figure out who is having sex with who then you are a mathematical genius.

Needless to say, Sony has yet to add this song to their “Singstore,” and it’s ticking me off. So I now present to you the video for “Girls and Boys.”

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