Oops I Did It Again!

Shocking I know! Not what you probably expected to see when you opened up the blog 🙂 Yes, not having learned my lesson from the last attempt to go bleach blond, I tried it again! Fortunately it wasn’t the total disaster my last try was (I think there might be photos in this blog somewhere, unless I removed them).

This took two fricken kits to achieve, the main problem was the old blue-black dye. I got my hair cut yesterday and the sides and back got cut out, but half the top still had that old dye in it. When I used the first kit the old dye was stubborn and was a very brassy dark yellow, compared to the sides and back which took great. So I had to do a second kit.

I had planned to put a poll up in this post on what to do with my hair. The choices were going to be A) Keep it and rock the blond B) Buzz cut the top, it might look a bit better or C) Break out the brown dye!

Of course a problem has risen. Double-processing my hair has left my scalp, shall we say, a bit tender. I am afraid what another dye job at this point will do to it! It would have to be a temporary dye for sure. I’ve also been warned that in a few days when my hair begins to grow back in, I could end up with all this falling out. Just great! Pray for me 🙂


17 Responses to “Oops I Did It Again!”

KipEsquire Says:

The outdoor pose is quite provocative. 😉

(And you’ll have to change your caricature image…)


Emily Says:

I’m surprised that your hair hasn’t fallen out already lol.


Dustin Says:

I’ll see if I can edit my caricature.


*HelloKitty* Says:

OMG, I’m sorry but I don’t like it. You look so much better with dark hair.


jeremy Says:

I can see you are having another midlife crisis. OMG Is this your Blond Ambition tour look? Looks nice.



Kris Says:

I Love it!!!


Becky Says:

I’m not sure what I think. In the outside picture, you remind me of an evil superhero:) I have blonde hair and one day decided I wanted something different and dyed it black…I looked like Morticia Adams! It took several trips to the salon to get my hair to a normal color and another year to get past the fried feeling! I really hope your hair does better then mine:)


Emerald Says:

It’s different!! I used to be a bleached blonde like that. The upkeep just got too tiring for me. I’ll need more pics to fully evaluate. At least if your hair falls out, you’re a guy and it will be ok.


boo1 Says:

I love it. I think it will tone down a bit in a few days. I would keep it for the summer and let your natural dark hair grow in.


Jennifer Says:



Cheryl Says:

Dustin – I’ve bleached my hair very similarly to you in the past….and even had open sores on my scalp afterwards! I also lost some chunks of hair over the next week or two but it does get better. Just be gentle and use deep conditioners to save the hair that is left. I would give it at least a week before redoing it – otherwise you may be in for some serious pain! I think you can also by scalp moisturizers and such that may help your skin heal up. Good luck!


Richard Says:

Hair color is temporary, just enjoy it. The problem I have is with your smile. In the pic with the BF on the cruise, you are smiling with your teeth. You have a nice smile, show us some teeth!!!


Dustin Says:

LOL I can’t smile when I’m taking a photo of myself, i don’t know why. When i try and show my teeth I just look even sillier.

Plus in that other photo I was probably drunk and we were all laughing and giggling.


Aravis Says:

Well, at least it isn’t the strange orange color it was last time. *G* But you look great no matter what you do. ;0)

Lots and lots of deep conditioning…


Remco K. Says:

Hmm, don’t know what to say… Okay, I do know what to say! But you’re probably not going to like my reaction to the blonde hair! Be warned! 😉 I’m sorry to say that I liked the old colour more. I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it, but for some reason the blonde hair doesn’t fit you. Sorry again 😉

As for not being able to smile on photos, I know the problem… I find it very hard to pose on photos too. As a matter of fact, any attempt to pose nice mostly results in something I don’t like.


cb Says:

Methinks its time to let this grow out a bit, shave it off, then go back to natural color.

You have great “real color” hair!!


Jennifer Says:

Dustin, get your colored earrings in and meet me in Fla to go clubbing! lol j/k

Seriously though, I like you better as a brunette, cutie!