Off To Europe . . . Kind Of . . . Okay Not Really

So I drove to my mom’s in Virginia today, and am driving down to Williamsburg tomorrow. I really hope I do not run into (not literally) anymore people driving with those attached trailers to the back’s of their cars, cause the ones I met today couldn’t drive fer shiat! I was afraid I was going to get smacked by one, as was everyone else on the road. Everyone was afraid to pass this one car, and later a second felt the need to drive down the middle of two lanes . . . on the interstate! Where were the cops when they were needed?

I’m officially not meeting up with my friend till Wednesday, but I did not want to get up at 6am to drive 3 hours Wednesday morning, then be dead tired by afternoon and possibly end up with a migraine with my luck after being at an amusement park all day. The extra money for an extra night at the hotel was worth it to me 🙂

So tomorrow I will get up not too early, get ready and make my way down to Williamsburg. I’m hoping the hotel will have a room ready since I expect to arrive before official 3pm check in time (aiming for 1-2 pm). Then I think I will actually spend a few hours at Busch Gardens on my own. I haven’t been in years, as I’ve said before, and it’s one of those parks there is so much to do. I could spend all day in the stores there alone. You could also spend a day just taking photographs because the park is so beautiful.

On Wednesday I’m meeting Zan (and her family) and we are spending the day at the park. I figured I’d get my shopping and other stuff done on Tuesday so I don’t bore them, though they have season passes and can also come back at any time. Pictures I’ll do on Wednesday obviously, plus I’ll have people to hold the camera while Zan and I do the rides (we will be the only ones doing the big coasters).

On Thursday we are doing Jamestown and Williamsburg. Two more beautiful places, and I can’t wait to see what’s been dug up since my last trip there. I am planning to do the Williamsburg ghost tour on Thursday night.

Friday the fun ends and it’s back home . . .

Changing topics completely . . . the hair issue. I’ve actually gotten used to the blond, and am starting to like it. That’s frightening, because this isn’t something I can keep up. The comments from those who said it takes a lot of upkeep weren’t kidding. I did it Saturday night, this morning I noticed I could see my dark roots coming in. Are you serious? I’ve always had fast growing hair, but that’s ridiculous! I also got to thinking, if I ever do this again then I’m grabbing a red highlight kit and doing some red highlights for the top. I’ll look like Firestorm from the “Superfriends!”


4 Responses to “Off To Europe . . . Kind Of . . . Okay Not Really”

Janelle Says:

Dustin, I love the new picture. You look so serious! Like, “I’m coming at ya!” Do I hear Britney Spears’ Piece of Me playing in the background? (I still can’t get enough of that song!) I wanted to stop by and say that I really like the idea of a past life… that is really cool. I never thought about for me- just Dillon McKay on 90210- I’m not the only one that remembers that, right?


Aravis Says:

I didn’t do the ghost tour when I was there. You’ll have to let us know what it was like, and if you meet any new ghosts to tell your old ghosts about. :0)


Becky Says:

Have a great time! I can’t wait to see the new pictures:)


jeremy Says:

I guess you seemed to forget that hair grows and in the color that it was before you killed the ends with peroxide!!! HA HA HA HA You better budget out some money for hair care until you decide what color you are going to take on next, or let it all grow back in the original shade.

You silly boy!!


Have fun at the park, wish I was there with you.