Happy Friday The 13th!

So I have decided I will start jogging on Saturday. My legs should not be as achy by then and it should be okay. They look absolutely horrific right now. I have some ugly and funky colored scabs on them!

Today is Friday the 13th, and apparently it’s the only one we get this year, so make it count! I’m headed to Philly to have dinner with my friend Jen. Then we are going to do a movie marathon at her place, watching scary movies and enjoying delicious drinks as she put it. We’ll also no doubt end up playing Mario Kart on Wii.

I am currently entertaining the idea of getting the new iPhone when it comes out next month. My iPod is now over 2 years old and needs a new battery. The cost of getting a new battery has me thinking hell, I might as well just get a new fricken iPod! Last year I was toying with the idea of a PDA, so I could do various internet things on the go. The new iPod seems to have the iPod, phone and internet capabilities all in one package. I still have a month to think this over, and I have no intention of standing in insane lines on launch day for a phone.

Finally in honor of Friday the 13th, I’m including the following image. It’s so horrific that I had to put it under the fold so it wasn’t on the main page to shock you upon entry. Go on, you know you want to look. Be warned, you won’t be able to stop looking!

The Hoff’s Package Will Mezmerize You!


8 Responses to “Happy Friday The 13th!”

Allison Says:

Man, that is scary, lol!


WV Nan Says:

You are way too much—I was expecting a picture connected with your resident ghosts! The Hoff—definitely scary—down right pathetic!

Enjoy your evening with Jen! Happy Friday 13th!


Becky Says:

First I must thank you for making me spit my water out all over my computer!! What am image…I do think I am scarred for life:) Have a great night with your friend!


Jennifer Says:

very funny….and SCARY


Janelle Says:

Perfect Friday the 13th post!


Sherri Says:

Dustin, your wicked! I loved it and thank goodness I wasn’t drinking something when I saw “The Hoff”. Still laughing…


cb Says:

Do it.


The new.



Liam Says:

Ha, that is one scary Hoff pic. I was wondering if you had heard the Hoff has a ‘HoffSpace’ social networking site now? I heard about it on the radio and had to look it up. Here is the url if you really want to see scary. lol http://daivdhasselhoff.ning.com/