Smackdown On My Ass!

So I did not go running on Saturday like I said I would. I woke up, walked outside and said “Ew.” It was so muggy and the air was so thick that you could see the haze. I was not about to run in that crud.

I did run tonight, but I didn’t last long at all. I soon remembered and was reminded of why I hated running the mile back in high school. I guess if I run a bit each day, or every other day, I’ll get better. But I don’t want to get shin splints either. Once all my cuts heal I’ll be able to get back to the gym.

I tried to find some new earrings in Philly when I was there Friday, but none of the stores had what I wanted. If they did they had one of the color I wanted at insane prices. I just went online and ordered a bunch of earrings from a reputable site. I ordered 3 teal for one ear and 2 green for the other. I still want 2 more piercings, and almost considered getting them done on Friday. It was so hot though and I was meeting Jen, I didn’t want to risk a migraine from sharp needles going into my ears.

Finally I introduced the BF, quickly, to Singstar tonight. He came in while I was perusing the videos online. He asked what the game was, I told him, then I showed him videos from the star of the online Singstar Scene, one Divalicious. He found it amusing. I didn’t show him the actual game part, cause he’d want to play and the Tony Awards are about to come on. Xanadu baby!


4 Responses to “Smackdown On My Ass!”

Becky Says:

Cool earrings! Too funny about wanting to watch Xanadu! I will admit, SingStar is extremely addicting!


Dustin Says:

It is, you need to get the cam and make some videos 🙂


Jen Says:

believe it or not, the haze & smell (at least it smelled here in south NJ) on Saturday were from the smoke from wildfires in Virginia & North Carolina.


Aravis Says:

I like running, but am about as good at it as you’ve just described. I’ll keep plugging away when I can, too.

Like those earrings. :0)