Pain . . . and Pain in the Ass

So after my attempt at running yesterday, I woke up today and my legs didn’t feel so good. In fact they hurt, a lot, a lot more than they do from using cardio equipment at the gym. That was pretty telling to me. I thought they’d get better as the day went on. Nope! They still hurt. Needless to say I didn’t even attempt to run today, except to run across the street . . . and that hurt a lot.

Last night I watched the Tony Awards on TV. One of the presenters was Alec Baldwin and he brought his brother with him . . . no not Billy . . . Stephen! I was shocked and pretty appalled. They showed a shot of them sitting there and Stephen smiled and waved at the camera. I wanted to throw something at him, and I hope someone at the Tony Awards did . . . and that they hit him in the head . . . hard . . . real hard.

For those not aware, Stephen has become a born again Christian recently, but the insane kind like Kirk Cameron where they feel the need to tell everyone how they are going to burn in hell and it will really hurt. Stephen also got into a war of words with his brother Billy, who stars on “Dirty Sexy Money.” Billy plays a character having an affair with a post-op transsexual on the show, who is played by a real life post-op. They’ve gotten into arguments over gays, gay rights and gay marriage. Yeah you can pretty much guess what Stephen thinks and had to say about the subject. So color me shocked that he had the balls to show up at the Tony Awards, gay central.

I hope Cheyenne Jackson kicked him in the balls.


2 Responses to “Pain . . . and Pain in the Ass”

Emily Says:

I want to marry Cheyenne and have his babies. 🙂


cb Says:

Well, depending on the pain (muscle pain/stiffness vs joints grinding) I’d say do a bit of light exercise teh day after running, to help loosen up those legs.