Dear Madonna

4minutes.jpg Oh Madonna. I’m not sure what to say to you in this letter! In about one month your new album “Hard Candy” drops. The news came out awhile ago that this was going to be your R&B album, much like “Confessions” was your dance album. You are the mother of reinvention, but in this case I’m not so much sure that you are reinventing yourself as much as playing up to what the trends of the market are right now.

Your “Confessions” album was such a breath of fresh air for myself and probably many. I know it probably didn’t get the airplay you might have wanted, but the album was amazing. Yes it was 80s-disco-retro, but that is not a bad thing. The Scissor Sisters are too and in my opinion one of the best new bands in years out there (and I swear I’m not playing favorites here). Unfortunately they have not broken through in the US as they have in Europe. I believe I have said it before, I often agree more with Europeans’ tastes in music lately, except Germany because cause they seem to really like David Hasselhoff there.

But Madonna, this new album, really! Aside for going for some serious airplay in a Clear Channel dominated market, what were you thinking? Yes I know I have not heard it, and I really should reserve judgment until I do. However I have heard three leaked songs from it, two of them of course being early demos as far as I know. I wasn’t really that impressed. They sounded so much like what I hear every time I turn on the radio, which is usually why I usually now have the “oldies” stations on. Regardless, I did pre-order your new album on iTunes and have been listening to your new single “4 Minutes.” It took awhile, but it is a catchy tune, and I really like the parts when your actually singing as opposed to Justin once again singing like he’s Michael Jackson or beatboxxing.

I’m no fan of hip hop, I’ve made that clear on this blog before. I think at this point its taken over most of the music market to the point that grunge/alternative once did. I for one am over it. Madonna, will your album be a huge success, or will it be like Ethel Merman and Kiss’ disco albums . . . the nail in the coffin for hip hop? If it’s the later, I will applaud you.

(Running to hide from Justin’s fans, who will probably descend on me sooner or later screaming at me! See my infamous Jessica Simpson post)

To listen to “4 Minutes (To Save The World) Here it is on YouTube


3 Responses to “Dear Madonna”

Janelle Says:

Ok, it wasn’t my favorite song. Isn’t it funny to think that this conversation could have happened while they recorded this song:

Justin: So Madonna, Britney kisses pretty good, eh?
Madge: Yeah, she’s alright but I kinda like Christina better.
Justin: Me too.


cb Says:

I KNOW! When I heard she was doing yet ANOTHER album, I was all… What the MADGE??


hot lunch Says:

i’ve got my fingers crossed…