The Beat Goes On . . .

Okay so I’ve gotten some comments and questions about the blogs. First up, even though I’m not doing the soap site anymore, my blogs and other domains/sites I own are still mine and I will be keeping them. was the first domain I ever owned and I’ve done lots of things with it over the years. Some might remember when I had the soap pages on it, I also had my personal blog on it before here. Right now it’s mainly a linking hub to my other pages.

This blog is my main personal blog where I share aspects of my life, whatever pops into my mind or I think is neat and feel the need to tell people about. Unfourtunately as of late I haven’t updated it as much as I used to and haven’t had much really to share. The past several months the whole soap site ordeal and trying to finish school and deal with deadlines has stressed me out like never before. I’m still working at the school part, so I’m afraid my life might be a little boring right now. But I’ll do my best to update more and share as much as I can about anything going on and stuff I find interesting. You might not find what I find interesting of course 🙂

I’m also keeping and continuing with The Primetime Dish. This is my blog dealing with primetime TV, hence the name. I do hope to expand it some more, but later when I have the time (and school is done). As my friend Shannan put it, I can’t really be without some kind of site 🙂 She was convinced the minute the soap site was gone I’d start up something else like a “Desperate Housewives” site. I told her I already have my primetime site to keep me entertained!


2 Responses to “The Beat Goes On . . .”

Aravis Says:

I had forgotten about WizardWorks, the blog where I first “met” you.

Your life never bores me, so share away. You’ve been working so hard on your school work; good luck as you continue to race to the finish line!


Kelly Says:

I will miss you on your Days website, Dustin. But, I also enjoy your blogs very much, so I will come and see you here too! Best of luck on everything and anything you do in your life, NOT just your schooling, you deserve it!