Happy Birthday! Got Playboy?

playboybunny.jpg Tonight I went over to the farm and found a party being set up in the conservatory. I HAD to go check things out when I noticed on every table was the Playboy Bunny head! I get in there, the room looked great (grr I should have taken my camera over!). Each table had the bunny, some weird flashing lights and of course balloons. There was also a large banner with the bunny on it hanging up and a person’s name, which was one of those ambiguous names that could be a male or female. I won’t say the name, cause heaven forbid this person decides to Google their party later on and ends up here!

So I ask the party coordinator what it going on and find out it’s a birthday party . . . for a woman. Not only that, it’s a surprise 40th birthday party from her husband! I’m standing there like . . . . wow . . . . okay. Later I suggest maybe she was an old playmate? I mean that kinda would make sense. Honestly, it’s the only thing that makes sense to me at this point! As it turns out, no she wasn’t a playmate, apparently her husband and some of his male friends thought the playboy bunny would just be a cute theme. I will find out tomorrow what the wife’s reaction to this surprise party was. Something tells me her public reaction and later her private reaction might be very different!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday! Got Playboy?”

boo1 Says:

Very odd theme. I think hubby might be in the dog house.


Janelle Says:

Well, I love the show ‘The Girls Next Door’, so maybe she is a big fan of the show too? Maybe?? I dont’ know that I would want a party with that theme, I’m not that BIG of a fan.