As Seen On TV: Stuff You REALLY Need!

home-pitcher.jpg I’m such a sucker when it comes to infomercials. Recently our kitchen sink broke and parts needed to be replaced. The BF put in a whole new spigot. Unfortunately because of this, we lost our water filtration system. It was this large metal canister that sat next to the sink and a hose basically attached to the spigot and diverted water to it when you chose to have filtered water. He needs to now find the right washer or something to make it work again, and as usual is taking his sweet time. Besides, I was never fully convinced this contraption really worked. It’s one of these “industrial” filters that supposedly only needs to be cleaned and changed every five years, and you have to send it in to have it serviced. Hmmm.

So I figured that I would just buy a water pitcher with a filter. We used to have a Brita system, but honestly I don’t even know where the pitcher is anymore. Plus I never liked it, the little charcoal bits always fell into the pitcher and that grossed me out. On TV they advertise this Z-Pitcher thing, which you can also but at Walgreen’s. It’s a bit more than Brita and even the Pur filters, but I’m a sucker for the infomercial and got one. Plus it comes with this great water tester thing to test how much contaminants are really in your water 🙂 Anyway I got it, set it up, now we have nice clean taster water.

Have I mentioned yet that I hate water? Yeah, I hate water. The only time I’m able to drink water is if I’m at the gym working out or if I’m outside walking around in the heat. Otherwise, I don’t want to drink water. I don’t like it. I know that is very weird. Most people ask how it is I don’t like water? I say I don’t like how it tastes. Most say it doesn’t have a taste! My response is it definitely has a taste, one I don’t like! However I know I need to drink more water, so I spent the whole 40 bucks on this pitcher and by damn I will drink the water! I will probably have to put lemon slices in my glasses, that way I get a little flavor in it.

Other infomercial crap I have? The Vidalia Chop Wizard (LOVE this thing), the Magic Bullet (a birthday gift from friends, just used it today to mince up herbs) and the George Forman grill. Okay I don’t use that unless I’m cooking a burger. The BF recently got Sham-Wow and the Sham-Wow mop. Oh I think he got the Ped-Egg too. He also got the Jack LaLane Juicer last year, which he no longer uses and needs to be moved cause it’s taking up valuable countertop room. I really want the Vidalia Slice Wizard to go with my Chop Wizard, but resisted getting it (though I could have bought it today for only $19.95!).

When I was in high school every morning I would watch “Amazing Inventions” before school. I think that’s what it was called. One of the best shows ever! I had no furniture I needed to strip, but man they used to sell this power paint stripper that just looked fun to go around and pour on stuff. I also still need the Popeal Pasta Maker and Ronco’s Showtime. I have no need to cook an entire rotisserie chicken mind you, but I just want to “Set it and forget it!”

I think though by far my favorite infomercial is the one that aired a few years ago for this cooking system. There were two competing varieties and two infomercials , one hosted by Florence Henderson (Carol Brady) and the other by Carolin and Marilyn, better known as the comedy team “The Mommies.” It was this crock pot like thing that cooked all your food for you, it never burned the food and everything ALWAYS cooked perfectly and was never over done. You could, according to the commercial, throw in dry pasta, a jar of salsa and some frozen chicken and come home to a Mexican fiesta. You could also cook a cake in the same device above the Mexican pasta. Yes, two different foods that normally cook at two temperatures in the same pot! WOW! Don’t you want to go get one now?


12 Responses to “As Seen On TV: Stuff You REALLY Need!”

boo1 Says:

I like water only if it’s ice cold. I need to buy a water pitcher. I have a George Forman grill and I love it. I use it for everything, hamburgers, hot dogs, sauage, chicken, steak, pork chops, and grilled sandwiches. How does the BF like the ped-egg? My daughter and I want one.


Becky Says:

I am such a sucker for infomercials! I have bought so much stuff that I am embarrassed to admit it:) Some of it is was good, and some I sold for .25 cents at a garage sale! I swear that it is an addiction….


Janelle Says:

I too am an infomericial junkie! And I watch way to much QVC. My husband is like, “can we please watch something with a plot?” and I’m like, “No Way! This is so cool!!”


Dustin Says:

Emily just clued me into the most fabulous new invention called the GT Xpress. Needless to say next week when we hit the mall, I’ll be looking for it at the “As Seen on TV store”


Sue Says:


Have you ever tried drinking water at room temperature? I too hated water until I realized that it was ice water I couldn’t drink. Now I even drink hot water.



Stephanie Says:

I am sooo addicted to infomercails! I am interested in those Kinoki Foot Pads. They look like such a crock! I also wanted the juicer and the Showtime! I did however get the Ronco Food Dehydrator, which I believe I’ve used twice. Oh well. We’ll keep buying the “amazing” things they all put out!


Dustin Says:

Sue, oddly I can’t drink warm water at all. It will really make me gag lol. It has to be cold. If it gets room temp or warm I can’t do it.

Stephanie, I think my BF got those things too lol. I think they are a crock as well 🙂 I forgot about the food dehydrator! All I’d do is make bananna chips lol


Cheryl Says:

Dustin – you have the Vidalia slicer? How is it? I’ve always wanted one by my husband laughs at me…I have it on my amazon wishlist though and someday…it’ll be mine!!!


Dustin Says:

I have the chop wizard, the one that dices and minces. It actually works great for most things. If your using something soft it can be messy 🙂

The slice wizard i want to lol, cause I suck at slicing as much as I do dicing 😛


cb Says:

My mother got me a Magic Bullet for christmas. It has yet to come out of the box.

However I WILL say that I FINALLY saw the infomercial for it, and it is indeed impressive.

But seeing as how I have sandwiches 99% of my meals, the whole choppy-bullet aspect is sort of lost on me.


Cheryl Says:

LOL! I was rummaging through my closet the other day and found my hairmade! Do you remember those? It is a stand for your hairdryer – I love that think – I started using it again!


Aravis Says:

I love you even more now that I know you don’t like water… neither do I! I get the same weird looks. I not only don’t like the taste, but it also tends to give me a tummy ache/upset stomach. The only time it doesn’t is, as you say, after a workout. Even then, I do best with room temperature, not icy cold. I don’t know why; I just do.

I remember that cooker! I’d forgotten all about it. I hate the commercial for the Ped Egg; it’s gross! The shavings… *gag*

But how does that Sham Wow work? I was tempted to buy that myself.