Giggle Fits

imag008.jpg So after reading my infomercial post, Emily introduces me to the GT Xpress 101. What is it? Just the most amazing piece of crap, I mean cooking invention ever! You can make eggs, pita pizzas, chicken cordon bleu and so much more in it. Oh and did I mention it also makes stuffed soup! That right there is a reason to own it, even if you don’t know what stuffed soup is (and trust me, you don’t want to know).

So I had to go look it up and read about it, of course. While there were some good reviews for it and people did like it, others of course can’t stand the thing. These are some of my favorite quotes from online reviews . . .

. . . . that lady (Cathy Mitchell) can take her bull$%!& product and shove it up her a$%.

I don’t know why I bought the product really, as there’s no way I’d ever serve up half moon shaped meals to my guests.

. . . .. the woman from the infomercial obviously doesn’t have 4 kids, otherwise I’d have to ask her some questions. It can be useful, but who wants everything they eat to be half moon shaped?!

While those reviews should make me want to run from the contraption, they only make me want it more! Silly I know. For some reason I couldn’t get those quotes out of my head and when I went to go to bed I busted out laughing. I mean tears streaming down my face, tried to hold it in, had to leave the room and come downstairs and just laugh hard. I don’t know why, it really isn’t that funny. I think I just needed a good hard laugh, something I haven’t done in awhile for various reasons, and this was the facilitator.

Oh and by the way, yes I still want a GT Xpress 🙂 If I can find one at Kohls or the “At Seen On TV Store” I am going to buy it. If I can find one then Emily and I are going to have our own little GT Xpress cooking party. Maybe we’ll film it and make our own infomercial for it.


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Lori Says:

There is a great website that gives tv sales products reviews. Amazing what stuff looks awsome on tv, but gets crappy reviews from unhappy customers!