You can now stream Jessica Simpson’s new album “Public Affair” right here (requires IE).

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I haven’t got too far into it. I previously blogged about how she ripped off Madonna’s “Holiday” for her first single “Public Affair.” Well she’s also redone Dead or Alives “Spin Me Round,” keeping the chorus only (Sacrilege!). So far other tracks seem to borrow from Gloria Estefan, Stevie Nicks and other 80s artists.

Give it a listen, see what you think.


*update: Ooo Papatoni We Got Some Loonies! I am getting comments out the wazoo on this post! I’m guessing it’s coming from a blog search engine or something?


12 Responses to “Jessica’s Got That 80s Feelin (Stealin?)”


Jessica’s album is great. I just love all the ballads, I keep playing them over & over again. I also love her other songs. The best album she has put out ever! Their are some songs about Nick, which are terrific also.


marty Says:

This is her best album she has ever put out. I especially like “I Belong to me”, Fired Up, You Spin me Around, & B.O.Y., & I don’t want to Care Anymore. Their was only 1 song I didn’t care for, other than that I love it!


alexis Says:

Jessica, I love your album. Every single song I like. I liked the fact, she has great ballads, dance music, & some country. I will be picking this up on Tuesday, for sure.


Dustin Says:

After such a touch year Jessica, you certainly put out a hell-of an album. Love the diversity of the songs, a great mixture. You are going to have some big hits. Love ya Jessica


gail Says:

Their are many artists out their, but your the best! Maybe it’s because you are happy now, & your able to put out your best work. TEAM JESSICA – better off without that ex husband! Really loved “I Don’t Want To Care Anymore”.


Dustin Says:

Uh so that Dustin isn’t me. And uh, what the hell? Did I unleash a Jessica Spam Post?


Dina Says:




Loved Jessica’s cd. Her voice sounded great, & was a nice change for her. I will buy it. The ballads were beautiful…………


Debby Says:

This is all just a little creepy….


Aravis Says:



Steve Says:

Ooooh, Jessica, you’re the best! Your album rocks, Jessica! This is too funny, Dustin. Sorry, but I’ll pass on it. Hope you have a good weekend, by the way.


DWQ Online Says:

OMG – that album was like totally the best thing. I mean it was so good I like cried and stuff like that.

OH and Jessica if you are ever in Arkansas call me. We’ll do lunch and like stuff.

Oh and Jess – I can call you Jess cause like we are that cool with each other. I agree with Gina. You ain’t stealing nothing. Everybody is jealous cause you so cute and pretty. And I’m so glad you dumped that gay husband. Like oh my god – he was horrible and like stuff.
Great post Dustin. 🙂