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Thank You For Being A Friend

So I went to Miami today. Of course on the way there I realized I wanted to go to Miami beach, not downtown Miami. Ahh I figured it out. Just walked around Ocean Drive and the shops on Lincoln Drive for a few hours. Very nice! I think next year I’ll be cruising out of Miami, it has a lot more going on than Ft Lauderdale!

Here is a quick picture I took . .

Hotels in that funky Art Deco style. I wish I could have stayed around till night time to see the whole strip lit up in Neon!

Oh, I never did find anyplace that looked like where those dang Golden Girls live!


(I’m slowly getting the photos uploaded to my web gallery. When I have them uploaded I’ll open those new galleries. It’s just a slow process!)

Miami Is Nice, So I’ll Say It Twice

FINALLY off the cruise ship, and it was time to get off. I’m still walking around like I’m on a rocking boat. Back in Ft. Lauderdale and not much to do. The hotel and airline tickets are pre-paid, so if I change things I loose money. I decided to rent a car and am going to Miami Beach and South Beach tomorrow. Anything I should check out? I’ve never been.


The Wind Is A Blowin!

Tomorrow I should have access to a reliable fast speed wireless connection. I’ll upload as many of my photos to my photo gallery then. Till then here are a few quick shots!

Look at the tree in the middle of this photo and go up, see the platform? This is the LOWEST and last zip wire platform from the Costa Rica trip. Imagine three times higher than that, that’s were we started out!

We had some dark storm clouds come in and a lot of wind (I don’t remember too much rain though)

My shirt isn’t hanging off my shoulder in an attempt to be sexy. The point of this photo was to show the force of the wind one night.


No PC in Future Vacations!

Today I thought I would be able to see the soaps, so I made some plans for later in the afternoon. Turns out the time difference placed the soaps off by two hours. I had to scramble to find someone to cover today’s recaps. STRESS! I think in the future when I go on vacation I’ll be closing down the page for my time on vacation! I’ve spent far too much time on the PC working on the page and not enough time enjoying my vacation :(.

The boat is ROCKIN more and more every day! Fortunately only one more day of the cruise.

I tried to take a few photos of the zip line excursion. I will never do that again! The zip line part I enjoyed, that was fun. Climbing up the ladder to get to the treetops . . . not fun at all! I thought I was going to pass out!

Last night I just hung out with the people I’ve meet on the boat. Tonight will be more of the same probably.


If The Ships A Rockin . . . .

Wow, yesterday was a day at sea and I really meant to sit down and work on a blog entry. However this sea is rocking and my stomach was all over the place! Looking at the PC long enough to do the soap updates was enough for me.

Today I’m in Costa Rica. I got “talked” into going on this little canopy adventure excursion without realizing just what it was. I will be swinging on a zip line from tree to tree about 100 feet in the air. I’ll report back later with how much I screamed my head off!


Mayan Ruins

I’ll write more tomorrow, I’m pooped right now! Been a long day. Today we arrived in Costa Maya Mexico and went to see the ruins of Khonolich. It was a rainy day, pouring when the ship arrived. Fortunately it was dry at the ruins, just a bit cloudy. Took TONS of photos, here are two of them!

This was the highlight of the tour, the Temple of the Masks. Six Masks in all, all with red paint still on them!

Here is me on the steps!


Under The Weather

‘ve been a little under the weather. I think this is a combination of a few things: 1) some personal problems over the last two days, 2) the fact that I got onboard ship and the wireless internet was down, 3) rocky seas.

Don’t worry, I don’t have the Norwalk Virus (I hope!) Fortunately today the wireless internet got fixed. This freaked me out, without it I wouldn’t have been able to update my page till next Sunday! I was almost going to have my brother post something for me on my pages stating this. While 90% of my readers would have understood, I would hear from those 10% who are never satisfied with anything (or failed to read any announcements I would post about having problems).

But the wireless is a past issue (I hope), and the personal issue is being resolved. Now I just have to overcome the rocking of the boat. Because of all these issues I haven’t had much of an appetite, which isn’t helping me feel any better really. Right now I’m in my cabin trying to take it easy and work on some page updates (I think staring at a PC probably isn’t the best thing to be doing right now, but oh well.

Now for a public service announcement. Grandpa nobody wants to look at you in a speedo! Seriously, what is with old men and speedos? It should be illegal. Actually unless you are competing in a swimming event, speedos should just be illegal for everyone period. Bleck, talk about losing your appetite as you’re walking to the food section of the Lido Deck.


PS I’m going to edit photos tonight to try and get a few up. Tomorrow I’m going to Mayan ruins so I should have even better photos!

On Board!

Just to let you all know, I got on the ship! Unfortunately the wireless internet is DOWN on ship and won’t be fixed until tomorrow or Monday! This means I have no way to update my pages 🙁 I also can’t spend too much time writing blogs live, I had planned to cut-n-paste what I wrote before logging on and using up my minutes. Anyways, catch you soon (I hope!).


I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Has Gone!

So finally here I am in SUNNY Florida! Yes, after a downpour late last night and some clouds and spritzing this morning, it’s finally clear out! The sun is shining and it’s HOT.

Last night went down to Las Olas Blvd and some surrounding areas where they had a lot of clubs and you could drink out on the street within a certain radius. I felt a little under dressed for some places, way over dressed for others (Coyote Ugly!).  Ended up getting a few drinks and people watching, which was very interesting. There were people dressed to impressed and people who looked like 80s Jersey mall trash. Then there were the little old people with their walkers in the mix of it all!

Right now I’m getting ready to watch Days. Sad that I’m scheduling my vacation around the soaps 🙁 Oh well. I figure I won’t be able to see it much at all on the ship next week.

After the soaps I’m hitting the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. “A1A, Beachfront Avenue! Did I stop, hell no I just drove by!”

Now that the sun is out I’ll be taking a lot more photos too. I’ll try and get them up tonight!


Not Feeling Too Good!

Went to “The Cheesecake Factory” for lunch. I know, it’s a chain restaurant and I should do something local. Well we don’t have them near where I live and I’ve never been but always heard about them. Going to do something local for dinner. The only problem is I ate soooooo much for lunch that I’m not sure I have room for dinner!