Thank You For Being A Friend

So I went to Miami today. Of course on the way there I realized I wanted to go to Miami beach, not downtown Miami. Ahh I figured it out. Just walked around Ocean Drive and the shops on Lincoln Drive for a few hours. Very nice! I think next year I’ll be cruising out of Miami, it has a lot more going on than Ft Lauderdale!

Here is a quick picture I took . .

Hotels in that funky Art Deco style. I wish I could have stayed around till night time to see the whole strip lit up in Neon!

Oh, I never did find anyplace that looked like where those dang Golden Girls live!


(I’m slowly getting the photos uploaded to my web gallery. When I have them uploaded I’ll open those new galleries. It’s just a slow process!)


2 Responses to “Thank You For Being A Friend”

Emily Says:

The Golden Girls “house” is in MGM studios, I believe. It’s not a real house.


Melissa Says:

The Golden girls house can also be seen in Orlando ( MGM Disney World! Glad you had a great trip. Next time, dont break your back trying to update, you do enough alreayd! Thanks for all you do!