So finally here I am in SUNNY Florida! Yes, after a downpour late last night and some clouds and spritzing this morning, it’s finally clear out! The sun is shining and it’s HOT.

Last night went down to Las Olas Blvd and some surrounding areas where they had a lot of clubs and you could drink out on the street within a certain radius. I felt a little under dressed for some places, way over dressed for others (Coyote Ugly!).  Ended up getting a few drinks and people watching, which was very interesting. There were people dressed to impressed and people who looked like 80s Jersey mall trash. Then there were the little old people with their walkers in the mix of it all!

Right now I’m getting ready to watch Days. Sad that I’m scheduling my vacation around the soaps 🙁 Oh well. I figure I won’t be able to see it much at all on the ship next week.

After the soaps I’m hitting the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. “A1A, Beachfront Avenue! Did I stop, hell no I just drove by!”

Now that the sun is out I’ll be taking a lot more photos too. I’ll try and get them up tonight!