Not Feeling Too Good!

Went to “The Cheesecake Factory” for lunch. I know, it’s a chain restaurant and I should do something local. Well we don’t have them near where I live and I’ve never been but always heard about them. Going to do something local for dinner. The only problem is I ate soooooo much for lunch that I’m not sure I have room for dinner!



2 Responses to “Not Feeling Too Good!”

Becky in AL Says:

Hey Dustin. The Cheesecake Factory restaurants always give you plentiful of food. And you get more than what you pay for. They are always generous portions. We have them here in AL. Have fun on your cruise. Feel better !


Robyn Says:

Oh you sound like me. I don’t have one here, but when I went out of town I too had to try it. And with that they had to roll me out of the door after all I ate. It was Yummy though. I recomend the avacado egg rolls and the lemon rasberry cheesecake.