No PC in Future Vacations!

Today I thought I would be able to see the soaps, so I made some plans for later in the afternoon. Turns out the time difference placed the soaps off by two hours. I had to scramble to find someone to cover today’s recaps. STRESS! I think in the future when I go on vacation I’ll be closing down the page for my time on vacation! I’ve spent far too much time on the PC working on the page and not enough time enjoying my vacation :(.

The boat is ROCKIN more and more every day! Fortunately only one more day of the cruise.

I tried to take a few photos of the zip line excursion. I will never do that again! The zip line part I enjoyed, that was fun. Climbing up the ladder to get to the treetops . . . not fun at all! I thought I was going to pass out!

Last night I just hung out with the people I’ve meet on the boat. Tonight will be more of the same probably.



5 Responses to “No PC in Future Vacations!”

Rebecca Says:

That happened to me when I went to Montreal for a week…..except it was school-related emails. I spent everyday from 4-7pm writing emails and organizing school things 🙁

I thought you had people handling the episode summaries?


Kim Says:


You do an excellent job on this site. Your commitment is unmatched. You work too hard sometimes. You deserve a break! Next time do not feel guilty shutting down if you choose to. The people who read you site expect to enjoy their vacations, you should too.



Becky Says:

I totally agree with what Kim said. Do not feel guilty for one minute. It is called a vacation for a reason. Your soap pages must a full time job in itself, and you deserve a full vacation from it all!!


Lori Says:

If you feel guilt,, I think maybe your not drinking enough on this vacation of yours. Relax,, enjoy,, worry not about us,, we are happy for you!


Susan Says:

I agree with Lori and Kim. Although we would miss you terribly,a vacation is just a small break. We want you to enjoy yourself for atleast two selfish reasons. 1) You would be refreshed and rarin’ to write lots of thought updates. lol and 2) you’ll have lots of good party stories and pictures for us poor miserable folks sitting in the cold.