I like that term mini-break, because it makes me feel like Bridget Jones 🙂 Anyways, I’m planning two quick local ones before going back to teaching at the end of the month. I’m heading to Gettysburg again with Laurie for an investigation at the Dave Stewart Farm, and I’m staying at the very haunted Tillie Pierce B&B. I am so excited! Then the weekend of my birthday I’m looking at going to Hershey, PA. I haven’t been on a rollercoaster in a few years, and it’s time to fix that. I would be doing Hershey Park, the Renaissance Fair out there, and Indian Caverns. I would also try and do a ghost walk in downtown Lancaster, PA as well.

In the fall I’ll be doing a lot of trips down to Cape May for the haunted B&B that Laurie and I do ghost events at. In two weeks we are also doing a local haunted whore house from the 1800s! I should have a lot of fun things to share over the next few months. I still have some audio I need to post from the trip to West Virginia we made back in June to visit a very haunted prison.

We so need our own show. Haha!

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  1. You could totally have your own show. Start off small and just get somebody to record the two of you during the investigation. Then do some quick editing and upload it to YouTube. You’ll have a ton of followers in no time, all wanting more!

    Good luck!

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