So since my last update I did make it to Gettysburg, which as far as ghosts go was a total bust. I canceled my trip to Hershey Park though to save money, as well as that was the weekend a possible hurricane was going to hint. Yeah, nothing happened.

This weekend I’m heading back to Cape May for a ghost weekend, and will be there in October and November as well. Hopefully it will be more active than Gettysburg was the last time. I still want to go back to Gettysburg, especially since finding out the battlefield is open until 10pm. I had no idea! If I can get there during a warmer week in the winter then I can have a good 5 hours in the dark out there hunting for ghosts.

My birthday just passed and I got the new Apple Watch and a drone as gifts. Well, the Apple Watch I bought for myself as I really wanted one haha!