So I thought it would be fun to share some of the evidence I gathered from the place we investigate down in Cape May. The bed and breakfast is called Elaine’s, and the original building to the late 1800s. We will be back there in the fall, but have a few other places lined up over the summer. I can’t wait. The next one is an asylum in West Virginia!

This was recorded in October of 2015 at Elaine’s in Cape May, NJ. I had been using the divining rods to talk to the spirits, and they were really going insane. I was also doing an EVP session during it. The first file is the actual unaltered file. The second one I enhanced and flipped the backward speech so you can understand it.

Me: Is anybody here with us?
Voice: Carmella (Carmello?)

My divining rods jingle.
Bizarre sound (backwards speech) (“That’s Me? It’s Me?”)

Me: Can you tell us you’re name?
Voice: I can’t (I can?)

This was an Echovox session done on May 22nd at around 1AM. Echovox is a program that spits out random phonemes through a speaker, then picks them (plus your voice and any other ghostly voices aka EVPs) and spits them back out on a set delay. I had it set on a 5 second delay this night. Unfortunately my normal speaker didn’t have a charge, so we used a friends, which didn’t have a very long cord. So it caused some feedback. This is the unfiltered recording straight from the EchoVox app. Below I will add the time stamps for the voices we thought we heard. Most of these seem to not be using the apps phonemes to speak, but seem to be a delayed EVP through the microphone. We heard laughing and what seemed to be an old time radio playing, which should be impossible given the app only spits out phonemes.

Important time stamps for the voices we heard . . . .

1:24 Me: Did it just say my name?
Voice: Psychic
Laurie: It just said psychic.

1:55 Me: Can you tell us your name? (echos a bit as this is what the app does)
2:07 Voice: F*ck You!
Me, Laure, Woman: Stunned and laughing at what was said.

We ask for a name again and at 2:43 get “Not Me?”

3:30 Laurie: James? (This is the name of the main ghost in the bar)
Voice: Hello!

4:43 We begin to get some very unusual interference, like an old radio broadcast. One of the women thought it almost sounded like people listening to a ball game. The bar was once a private gentleman’s club.

Important time stamps for the voices we heard . . . .

1:33 Laurie: Is there someone else here?
Voice: Yes

At 4:43 We hear very low “Heee Heee Hee” as if someone is laughing at us. Repeats again at 5:55. This keeps continuing on in other parts of the session too.

5:33 Laurie: Do you think we’re funny?
5:44 Creepy voice laughs “Hee Hee Hee” and then “Frank?”

6:11 Laurie: What do you want to tell us?
Voice: It’s cold

7:15 Laurie: How many of you are there?
Two Voices: 5

7:33 Another creepy “Ha Ha Ha” laugh.

8:42 Laurie: Why do you stay?
Voice: Dead

8:58 Laurie: Why are you still here?
Voice: Ha Ha Ha!

9:14 Laurie: Do you like it here?
Voice: Yes