Days Video Blog #3!

Just cause I need something to fill blog space 🙂 I did a second one, I just didn’t post it here. You can probably find it through this one I’m sure.

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!


2 Responses to “Days Video Blog #3!”

Desiree Gould Says:

Gobble! Gobble! Back to you, Dustin. Hope you have a fun – fabulous Thanksgiving with all the “trimmings” … Hugs, Desiree


ejh Says:

I totally agree with you on everything you said! But as much as I don’t like some of the storylines we have now, I am just so happy we have all the old characters we love in them. I’m so happy to have everyone back. It’s easier to watch bad stories with good actors! Especially Patrick Muldooon because the other Austin was such a doofus I couldn’t stand watching him.
Happy Thanksgiving!