Once again, I let far too much time pass before I blogged. I’m hoping come the new year, I’ll get back into the swing of things. Especially when I get a break from stuff.

I’ve had a hard time getting into the holidays this year. Just been stressed, have a lot going on, and really haven’t wanted to drag all this stuff out. Last years holiday bad mood/break down of course has something to do with that!

I keep thinking I should bring back Twitter, since I’m not blogging as much. However honestly I find myself using Facebook not as often as I used to, and I’ve even gotten bad about Tumblr. I don’t know if Twitter will change things on that front. I just don’t have much going on, so I don’t have much to post!

As I started this post off, I’m hoping the new year will change things. John and I are going on another cruise in January. I debated a lot whether to do it, especially since our cruise friend Keith isn’t coming again this year, and neither is our other cruise friend Heidi. However another friend told me if I can swing it, do it, it would do us both well to get away from the Farm. So we are going, and I’m excited to say that for once Chichen Itza is an available tour to do. I have always wanted to see it, now I finally will! Sadly I’m somewhat too late though, as they’ve closed the pyramid from being climbed on anymore due to wear and tear on it 🙁 Still, it will be awesome to see it!

2 Replies to “Ho Ho Home For The Holidays . . . Well Not Yet!”

  1. Wishing you a Merry Christmas–one that you will enjoy–filled with some well deserved rest and some great memories. May your New Yew be the best yet–happy cruising!

  2. I sure wish I could go on the cruise with you. Had to cancel our family trip to Mexico. Don’t worry, you would have been too afraid to climb up the pyramid anyway! LOL I was!

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