As usual, I realize it’s been FAR too long since I posted. I may finally have to start pulling in my Tumblr photo posts here so people think I’m not dead, or use Twitter again.

We suffered a great loss here this weekend – – – my original model Playstation 3. I waz pissed! This was the third major turd the system had taken on me in the four years I had it. The first two were hard drive failures (I remedied that by finally getting a new hard drive for it). This time however, it took it’s final crap on me . . . from everything I could find on the net, it burned out. I got the dreaded “Yellow Light of Death” (similar to the Red Ring of Death on original Xboxs). The irony is I have an original Xbox 360 and it hasn’t RRoD on me yet . . . but only because I think it gets turned on once in a blue moon.

However it seems many of the newer PS3 games tax the original systems to the point where they over heat – – – much like the original Xbox360s. In fact it was a brand new game that seemed to do it in. Now I could have had it repaired for about 130 dollars, but at 250 you can just get a new one. And this was the third and final crap out I could take . . . as every time it had an issue I lost ALL my save games! (I really need to learn to back them up better, you’d think I’d have learned that lesson by now.)

And while I could have done without a PS3 for a little bit, given I do have the Xbox (among other systems) . . . it was our only Blu-Ray player and I can’t do without that. Oh no that just won’t do! So I spent the money to get a new system rather than have this one repaired and simply wait for it to go on me yet again (which again the research via google seems to indicate happens most of the time). The major loss was newer models aren’t backwards compatible . . . so I have to drag out my old PS2 if I wanna play older games for some reason . . . . Grrr!

In other news, Turkey Day is fast approaching. We have several invites as usual, but this is not a holiday I really enjoy to be honest. It was more fun as a kid, when the Macy’s parade was cool and featured floats based on Saturday Morning Cartoons. Now it’s more about listening to Al Roker blab and watch marching bands walk by and not even perform. I also am not a fan of eating dinner at other people’s house with them and their families . . . it’s just uncomfortable. While I did enjoy cooking a dinner for the first time last year . . . it too is something I don’t feel the need to do again 🙂 I want to go to a chinese restaurant and have “Christmas Turkey” like in “A Christmas Story.”

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  1. Thansgiving Day is the biggest sales day for Chinese restaurants! I say go Chinese!!! Better yet order pick-up and have a movie marathon day!

  2. If it’s only a ylod you should be able to get your saved games off the Hard Disk. Just pull the HD out and put it in an external SATA drive enclosure.

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